ZigBee Home Automation: Green Light!

Zigbee Home Automation

You see home automation all over the television discussing it in several areas. Automatic lights, programmable entertainment systems and environmental monitoring are not just science fiction, they are available to you today, in your home. Thanks to ZigBee Home Automation, your house can become a smart home and you can automate everything. You can feel like you have the future today.

How does ZigBee home automation work?

ZigBee is a form of wireless communication consisting of sensors and controllers that was originally developed for industrial applications. It works similar to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but on different bands, using 16 separate channels. This allows you to have as many as 16 separate networks in one location. The data transmission rate is low when compared to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but for the simple command applications it is used for, the transmission rate is more than adequate. This high tech system is commonly referred to as a wireless mesh system and uses coordinators, routers and end devices, which all work in tandem. The system is very secure, since it uses 128-bit AES encryption algorithms. The standard ZigBee devices use different hardware, based on their requirements as either reduced function devices (RFD) or full function devices (FFD). With multiple layers of protection, this system is one of the most secure out there.


As the system uses a wireless interface, the system does not require cables and wires, which would clutter up your home. The wireless system also makes it easy to install and does not necessitate any reconstruction or renovation work. The ZigBee home automation products look attractive and futuristic, adding to the decor of your home in an unobtrusive manner.

Customized Control

ZigBeeoffers a wide range of products and devices that can be customized to meet your requirements. Their product selection allows you to effectively build your own system, which you can control in a variety of ways including your smartphone, computer or tablet. Installation of ZigBee Home Automation means that you can control your home from anywhere that is Internet accessible. You can be futuristic, save energy and keep your home secure at an extremely affordable cost. ZigBee Home Automation system can be used in a variety of ways, which will make your life easier.

  1. Control your interior lights, either remotely or on a schedule, so that your home always looks occupied, even when you are not home.
  2. Control exterior lights, so they only activate after dark and turn them off a few hours later, you don’t need to waste electricity and spend excess money by keeping them on all hours of the day and night.
  3. Program the system to open and close the curtains. This gives the house a lived in appearance while allowing natural heating, cooling and lighting.
  4. Automate your entertainment system, so it turns to your favorite program, or even record it when you’re not home. You can also remotely activate the system to give the home a more lived-in appearance.
  5. Modulate the heating and cooling system, so you make best use of your environmental controls. Why heat or cool the house when you are not home?
  6. Remotely activate the appliances. Preheat the oven, so you can just pop dinner in when you get home, or activate the robotic vacuum, so you come home to a clean house.
  7. Monitor your home security system and check its status at all hours of the day.

Save Money and the Environment

When not in use, the ZigBee home automation system goes to sleep, reducing power consumption and preserving battery life. Home automation can help you reduce your energy consumption, thus reducing your environmental impact and carbon footprint. You can also use the system to monitor your energy consumption and adjust the system to save even more. Home automation is the wave of the future and with the growth of technological advancements it is growing in popularity even today.

It’s been a long time coming, but the future is now. What was science fiction 20 years ago is viable today, who knows what may be available to us in the years to come? At this point in time, you can utilize ZigBee home automation technology to make your existing home a smart home easily and effectively, with very little investment and a good return. With a smart home, you can become a greener consumer and help save the environment, while saving yourself money. The products can easily be installed and used and can usually integrate with your existing devices and gadgets, as they are supported by many manufacturers.