Zeebox Takes Us Into the 4th Dimension

zeebox - TV app

Have you ever watched television program and have that moment when you want to turn to a friend with a snide comment or a friendly joke? Zeebox gives you those moments without either of you leaving your own homes.

Social TV

Technology has become a way of life, many of us live and breathe the Internet. It is with us everywhere, we have it on our phones, our TV’s and, of course, our computers. We always have some form of Internet within our grasp.

We have become a population of multi-taskers. We find it hard to just sit still and watch TV, we always need to do something else. There is a new second-screen application that will solve some of our multi-taking needs. Zeebox is both an application and a website that works with live TV programs. This is a second screen application that will change your viewing experience and revolutionize social TV!

Sure, you’ve seen hashtags and probably even Tweeted about your favorite show, but Twitter is not conducive to a live conversation. You’re limited on characters and your Tweet quickly gets lost. This program gives viewers live, real-time interaction with others while providing content relevant to the programming. Big broadcasters such as NBC Universal, HBO, and Comcast Cable are providing the financial and programming backing that are making this one of the best social TV programs out there.

More Than Just a Chatroom

There is more to Zeebox than just social interaction. It lets you browse program listings based on various parameters, such as general popularity or popularity amongst your friends. This program provides the viewer with background information on the shows and the actors. It also lets you see and purchase relevant products. If you like the boots your favorite starlet is wearing, Zeebox can probably show you where to get them.

Zeebox enhances your television viewing experience through an interactive second screen. It makes TV viewing fun by allowing you to see what your friends are watching and inviting them to watch TV with you. You don’t have to be in the same room to make fun of the stupid and talentless — you can crack bad jokes in your own interactive chats.

Simple and Easy

Installation is simple and straightforward and it can be installed on practically any operating platform including Apple and Android devices or even your computer. Enter in your zip code and Zeebox will help you find your provider. Within minutes you are fully operational.

The Voice on the zeebox TV AppThe browser will allow you to view a long list of popular or featured shows. If you are on vacation or at a friends, simply change your location and provider and the program will give you an updated list relevant to your current location. It also lets you view tweets and posts relevant to your viewing habits, favorite shows, or favorite actors. Connect your other social platforms and a tab will allow you to see what your social network is watching or talking about. Zeebox also has an easy-to-use chat function, which by default, is set to “family friendly.” Simple slide bars at the top and bottom of the screen let you browse through the programming, and a easy “Now” button will let you return to the present from anywhere.

zeebox Features

Live “zeetags” let you get information on virtually anything mentioned on the show and even purchase products you like. This second-screen application even lets you play along with many top shows, such as “The Voice” by giving you control of your own red button. Bravo has integrated shows such as “Top Chef”, allowing you to get up-to-the-minute recipes, definitions and viewer-based interactive chats.

Every minute of a show’s broadcast time is rated by multiple factors. They give every show a Buzz score based upon the number of Tweets sent during any given minute. The more people talking about the show, the higher the score. They also rate by current popularity. The show most commonly watched at the moment is given a score of 100 with every other show being rated in proportion to that. A show’s rating can change frequently over the course of its airtime. It’s a better version of the Neilsen ratings!

If you are a Comcast XFINITY subscriber, then you are one of the lucky ones with a bonus feature. Their partnership allows you to use zeebox as a remote control for your Xfinity set-top box. Now you don’t need to fumble for the remote when your favorite show comes on. After just a simple button tap, you’ve changed the channel!

Zeebox gives you social TV like you’ve never experienced before, TV viewing will never be the same again. It takes television from 3D into 4D. With live interactions, you can now live and breathe every moment of your favorite shows, recreate their tasting experiences and live the dream as if you were right there with them.