Zap2it TV Listings Finds Shows For You

Zap2It TV Listings

Don’t you hate those evenings when you are so tired, and you just want to be able to quickly switch the remote to a channel with something great to watch, so that you can unwind and relax? But somehow, despite your best efforts, you end up repeatedly switching from one channel to another, for minutes or even an hour on end, never able to settle on a program that catches your eye? Zap2it TV Listings is just one of the many simple-to-use features at Zap2it that makes it easy to find great programs to watch on your local provider’s line up, without having to endlessly flip through the channels with your remote. The service works in most of the United States and Canada, although some content is blocked in parts of Canada.

How to Use Zap2it TV Listings

To use this service, you just click on the set preferences tab, and select your Cable, Satellite or Digital service provider from the drop down menu. There is even a convenient to use option if you still use a local broadcast network antennae.

How To Select Your Preferences

Once you’ve selected your service provider, you will be able to set your preferences. From your provider’s program listings, you can choose your favorite channels so that they are displayed at the top of the grid. If you wish, you can also choose to see only the programs that will be available on your favorite channels in the grid. The site also makes it easy to choose to see either two or six hours of programming in the grid at one time.

Once you’ve set your preferences, you can still use certain tabs at the top of the Zap2it TV Listings to further customize your experience. For instance, once you’ve set your preferences, it’s still possible to visually draw attention to specific genres of programming so that they are highlighted in a specific color. You can do this simply by checking the appropriate boxes for Favorites, Sports, Movies, News and Children which can be found along the top of the grid.

Additional Customization of TV Listings

You can also choose to display the titles of specific episodes, or a very short program description, along with the listing of the specific program within the grid. You can choose to create a calender with upcoming favorites so that you don’t miss your favorite shows, jump to the listings for a certain channel, or search for a specific program at the top of the TV Listings grid.

You can link your listings to your TiVo account to make certain that you don’t forget to record a special broadcast, and you can also click on each program in the listings grid to find out more information, such as a full description and synopsis, cast, and additional upcoming show times.

Additional Features of Zap2it Website

Zap2it has a lot more to offer viewers than just the most complete viewing information available for your service provider’s TV Listings. The site also provides trailers and informative articles about upcoming movies which can be reached by selecting the Movies News tab.

Clicking on the Celebrities tab will connect viewers with the latest news, projects and gossip about their favorite stars. Must see pictures and snap shots from the latest programming is available on the Photos tab. The newest information about DVDs, including listings for the latest releases, top sellers, and links to purchase them online from retailers such as Amazon, are available from the DVD tab.

The TV Blogs and News tab providers users with the latest information from upcoming episodes of their favorite shows, as well as TV ratings and reviews of programs. Users can also read upcoming previews for the shows for each season, as well as choose from a select group of programs to watch TV online.

The site also provides special coverage of events such as the Emmy Awards, Oscars, Comic-Con, and the Golden Globe Awards.

Users can also leave comments and feedback on articles and posts on the site.

Basically, the site allows users to just “Zap2it” whether they want to find out more about the programs they already watch, research about upcoming shows, or just learn more about when their favorite programs and channels will be available in their viewing area.

Zap2it Rewards

In addition to providing a vast amount of information on TV Listings, movies, celebrities, and more, the site also provides a way for users to earn rewards points that may be redeemed for badges and prizes. Using social media, users can check in, comment, or easily share content that they like with their friends and followers, as well as see what their friends have been up to when they visit the site.

To get started earning rewards, watching TV online, using programming guides and more, users just need to stop flipping through the channels on their remote, and use the Zap2it listings.