Your Guide to Comcast Promotions

Comcast Promotions

Ready to shift services, upgrade your Internet, or just find a new discount with one of the largest service providers around? Comcast promotions are out there! Let’s talk about how to find them.

Comcast is a BIG company (even before the merger with Time Warner Cable), and that means it covers a lot of territory in the United States, with a lot of different contracts with various middle-man suppliers and other companies. It creates a very complex web that Comcast carefully bases its pricing around. The end result? Your deals will depend on where you live. At the end of the day, location is one of the most important factors.

Ideas For Comcast Promotions

That being said, it’s still okay to make a few generalizations about Comcast’s deals and their most popular packages because marketing tactics and promotions do tend to stay similar across the company. When on the prowl, here are some of the things you can look for.

Package It Up

Generally speaking, the best Comcast deals lay in wait for those who pick their bundles that combine Internet, Phone, and Cable TV services. Here are a few tips for upgrading:

  • Shop Online: Shopping online makes it very easy to compare the prices and offerings of specific packages, but it also tends to come with promotional benefits. Comcast is happy to provide extras like their famous Visa Prepaid Cards for $100 or more if you buy a triple play package (phone, Internet, TV) online. Offers, as ever, may shift based on location or time.
  • Performance Internet: Performance Internet is Comcast-speak for slower Internet services that usually offer up to 25 Mbps in download speeds. This plenty for an average apartment or smaller home without extravagant Internet needs, but Comcast is cutting the prices on its performance services in many areas, so try to take advantage of this.
  • Blast Speeds: Blast refers to the higher Internet speeds that go up to 50 Mbps, ideal for lots of movies watching or video game playing in entertainment-focused households. Comcast is willing to offer deals like a free year of Blast speeds in its packages, and may not even require a contract in your area.
  • Double Play: Double Play is for customers that are content with choosing just two services — namely, Internet and Cable TV. Comcast also has a variety of Double Play packages with their own, separate promotions. You may get a Visa bonus card, you may get free Wi-Fi access at all Comcast hotspots, you may get a discounted price for the first year of service — you may get all those and more. If you prefer getting your phone service from another provider, check out these Double Play options to see what Comcast promotions you could get.
  • Consider Locking in Your Contract: Comcast likes to see long-term contracts, so one of the better ways to get a deal isto agree to a two-year contract. You will usually get a locked-in, 24-month discount for this move, and maybe some goodies on the side. Just be sure that you are getting exactly what you want for the next couple of years.

Keep watch for limited-time promotions, too. This is a popular way for providers to market some of their accessories, like Comcast’s XFINITY Home Security devices and even premium channels like HBO and Showtime. The Back-to-School promotion by Comcast, for example, offered a free year of these premium channels for $70 per month, with no term contract required. Sometimes the best deals are just a matter of patience.

Upgrade Your Stuff

Upgrade your Comcast packages if you already use Comcast and want to take advantage of a new promotion. Comcast loves it when customers are willing to pay more for extra services or new contracts, and you can often benefit as a result. Comcast offers its prepaid Visa cards for a variety of new services (like its security system and automation devices), as well as an upgrade to its traditional packages. If you’ve been discontent with Internet speeds or channel lineup of late, take a look at packages with faster speeds and more channels to see if any of the latest Comcast promotions appeal to you.

When In Doubt, Turn to the Phone

If you are looking for a more specific type of deal, do not hesitate to contact Comcast directly. Call up a representative and ask about your package. Be very direct about your reasons and the type of deal that you are aiming for. If it means hanging onto you as a customer, the company may be willing to throw in some customized deals for your particular situation.