Your Cable TV in Illinois Choices


Customers of Cable TV in Illinois have more options than they imagine. No matter where you live, you’re inundated with commercials advertising Cable and Satellite TV services. Many of these commercials lead you to believe that the company being advertised is your best or only option for TV service in your area. IF you think this, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The Big Boys

“The Big Boys” refers to the Cable TV companies that everyone knows about: Cox, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable. However, if you don’t do your homework, you’re going to believe they’re you’re only options for Cable TV in Illinois. If you think this, you couldn’t be more incorrect. For example, the University of Illinois basically runs its own Cable TV service for students.

Some Companies You Might Not Be Familiar With

The Big Boys want you to believe that they’re you’re only options for TV service. However, no matter where you live in Illinois, there are more than three options for TV service to choose from. Mediacom is one of those companies that not many know about, but that deliver stellar service and often much better pricing. Mediacom customers have several TV packages to choose from and also have the option of bundling other services. Their lowest priced package, the VALUEpak offers 35 channels that include local programming, while their highest priced package, the ELITEpak, offers several hundred channels, including over 6,000 On Demand options as well as their full digital and HD lineup.

Many of the smaller companies that offer Cable TV in Illinois offer services to the smaller towns and cities in the state. For example, Kraus Cable offers service options to many of the small farming communities in the state. Kraus offers packages as small as 18 channels on up to packages offering as many as 200 channels.

For those that live in the Chicago area, there is RCN Chicago. These guys aren’t like most of the other smaller companies in that they’re going after the big market — Chicago. Also, unlike most of the others, they break their packages down by the type of programming. This means if you’re really into sports and not much else, you’ll want their Premiere Sports packages, but if you’re looking for family and children’s programming, you’ll want to check out the Premiere Family & Children package.

Photo Credit: Todd Ryburn

Finding the right provider of Cable TV in Illinois isn’t easy. But hopefully this guide will help.