Yoga SmartMat Provides Personalized Guidance and Instructions


Check out the unique design and features of the innovative up-and-coming yoga SmartMat. If you’re looking for a product that can provide the supportive guidance and feedback of a personal one-on-one yoga instructor, you’re definitely in luck…read on for more info about this exciting, product.

An Intuitive Yoga Mat that Senses, Thinks and Responds

The yoga SmartMat can add a new twist and engaging dimension to your workout sessions in several ways. Those that may not have the time to attend individual yoga classes due to a busy lifestyle or work schedule can benefit from their own personalized routines. Others that may prefer to stretch and work out in private will get an added boost of inspiration by using the yoga mat within the comfort of their own home.

Using technology that is intuitive and smart, the SmartMat was designed to sense, track, and respond to your movements during a yoga session. Used in conjunction with a downloaded app on your smartphone or tablet, the product provides feedback and guidance to help you improve and correct the alignment of your body. This is done via sensors embedded within the mat that monitor specific regions of your body during a yoga workout.

The yoga mat uses a collection of visual and audio indicators to guide users toward achieving correct alignment, balance and proper pose during their workout sessions. You will be provided with guidance and suggestions as you progress through movements. Your options for learning yoga with this product include portability for mobile take anywhere convenience.

This product will help you practice yoga, have your movements tracked, recorded, and analyzed, and also provide corrective feedback as you work toward perfecting your routine. Your mobile device’s connectivity will let you improve and enhance your yoga sessions by providing you with access to custom routines within the product’s knowledge base.

Yoga SmartMat Product Features and Specifications

This yoga mat comes fully equipped to provide users with 3 modes of operation. Based on your personal selection, options include the in-class assist mode, Zen mode, or the in-home private mode to help you achieve perfect balance. Measuring in at 71″ long by 26″ wide, the mat’s dimensions include the dongle size of 2″ x 26″ with a thickness of 6mm.

The product utilizes basic Bluetooth capability for connection during usage. The yoga mat incorporates SmartGrip Surface Technology, is designed to be resistant to water and perspiration, and can withstand temperatures up to 110F. Those that support eco-friendly green products will appreciate that the yoga mat is manufactured with the goal of protecting the environment using 100% latex-free material.

Easy to carry, the product packs similar to a basic type yoga mat so it can be neatly rolled up. Power is provided to the yoga mat via a battery that can sustain power for up to 6 hours after being fully charged. Users will appreciate the ease in hooking it up for charging with a USB to any standard outlet that can handle 110V/220V. The yoga mat can be used with Android 4.3+ operating systems as well as being compatible with iOS Version 5+ systems.

Some of the core classes included with the product are pre-designed and programmed yoga training sessions. Coursework includes core classes for Morning Sun, Yoga Essentials, Vinyasa Flow, Athletic Flow, Evening Flow, and more. A variety of colors will be available for yoga enthusiasts to choose from once production starts and the product is manufactured and put on the market for purchase. Current shade options at the time of this article include the Classic color choices of Ice, River and Forrest as well as the Premium color selections of Heart and Dusk. Other unique colors may be offered at a later date.

Timeline and Consumer Availability of SmartMat

Every once in a while a truly innovative device comes on the market and makes itself known to consumers through initial campaigns on crowdsourced funding sites. The SmartMat is such a gem that the product reached and surpassed its 31-day financial goal of $110,000 on Indiegogo within a relatively short period – in less than 24 hours on October 1, 2014. At the time of this article, the product had reached $272,877 in funding support with a closing date of December 3, 2014 for the campaign to end.

The team members behind the design of SmartMat are targeting the period of July to August 2015 for availability of the product for delivery and purchase. The visionary geniuses that contributed to the development of the product include Neyma Jahan, who has earned the title of Chief Yogi. Sam Marks has the responsibilities of being the Hardware Guru while Maziar Sadri oversees the duties of Software Guru.

Guidance relative to coursework programming for Alignment and Balance are provided by team member Amy Lombardo. Max Bodhisuwan manages the Sensors and Wireless Tech division. Paul Hodgson is in charge of Apps and Analysis, having acquired more than 15+ years of skilled expertise in software applications.

Yoga enthusiasts that are eager to get their hands on the product can keep tuned in to ongoing developments on both Indiegogo and the SmartMart company website. Pre-orders can be placed now so keep a watchful eye as the summer of 2015 is not too far off and will be here before you know it.