Yahoo Shows Deliver Entertainment Online

Yahoo Shows, Ed Helms, Tiny Commando

Yahoo! is gearing up to give online content some real legs. Yahoo shows how original content and online availability will get and keep audiences.

People aren’t totally dropping their Cable TV and Satellite packages for entertainment and news they can find online, but everyday, more and more people are turning to Internet content. It’s accessible, it’s portable and it’s more personal viewing. Online content is geared towards your individual tastes and schedules. It can be watched while sitting on the bus during rush hour, or during Timmy’s soccer practice — it’s available when you are.

This availability has opened up a brand new outlet for marketers and advertisers. Original content isn’t new to Internet viewers, but original content with some major backing is still in the fledgling stages.

Yahoo! knows that the world of online digital content is here for the long haul, so they going to hitch a ride and see if can take the reins for a while. After all, most of the population spend a lot of their day on the Internet, so they figured why not reach out to them and get their attention with a variety of original shows, and interesting content that will bring their own audience.

Original Programming

Yahoo! already has a variety of original programming options, but they have formed a partnership with ABC News, the WWE and CNBC, giving them access to a variety of materials that is sure to please all audiences.

They have also recently acquired the rights to the Saturday Night Live’s clip library. SNL fans will now be able to find some of the best clips and episodes from SNL history and current episodes. You no longer need to surf YouTube to find bad screen captures of a particular skit — Yahoo! will have it all available online.

Yahoo!’s exclusive access to the WWE archives will allow the company to re-air popular wrestling matches, create new pre-shows for the competitive entertainment genre and have exclusive interview shows with WWE big names.

Their partnership with CNBC will involve a program called “Talking Numbers.” This financial program, which will delve into the world of investment opportunities, combines technology and fundamental analysis.

ABC News Network is already the leading source for the latest news and information online, but their new partnership with Yahoo! will take this success even further. “Nightline,” “World News With Diane Sawyer” and “Good Morning America” will find their way onto Yahoo!, bringing unique clips and information every day to their online viewers.

Original content available only on Yahoo! will enhance viewer appreciation, bringing in audiences of all types. The online programming will include something for everyone.

Fresh News Content

  • World News Beyond Headlines — An online spinoff of “World News With Diane Sawyer,” this show will provide online audiences with additional tidbits about the news of the day and contain other popular segments such as “Person of the Day.”
  • Nightline: Online The Nightline team will report on topics such as entertainment, pop culture trends, world breaking news, and international exposes.
  • GMA Live This will recap the morning show, in addition to airing the “Play of the Day,” “EXTRA,” and “Exclusive Deals,” which are regular segments on the morning TV show.

New Yahoo Shows

Yahoo shows will also be creating original comedy programming for the new online network. The three currently scheduled to air are:

  • Tiny Commando — A comedy about a four-inch-tall private investigator, starring Ed Helms of “The Daily Show” and “The Office.” He tries to thwart a toy-sized army and their evil leader from taking over the world.
  • We Need Help — Starring Cheryl Hines and Rachel Harris as pair of Hollywood starlets and the poor abused assistant they both share.
  • Losing Your Virginity — John Stamos (“Full House”) interviews celebrities and recounts their very first sexual experience. The reenactments are played out with less-than-state-of-the-art animation, and on occasion, a doll and a sock puppet may or may not be used.

Programming for Women

Yahoo! will also be bringing its viewers a few lifestyle shows that are geared towards women, as well as some interactive cooking shows called “Cinema & Spice,” and “Grill Girls.” Yahoo shows will also include a series called, “Fashion Recipe,” which will engage the viewers with the latest styles and trends.

The combination of entertainment and technology hits right on the pulse of how people like to be entertained and how they communicate. Yahoo! anticipates great success for their viewers and big interest from advertisers.
More Yahoo shows will be added to the roster as time goes by, and other companies such as Google and AOL are in the works to expand their own digital entertainment presence online.