Xprize Offering $15 Million for Tablet Apps That Help Kids Learn to Read or Write


The Global Learning Challenge is a contest set up by the non-profit group Xprize, which will award up to $15 million to help motivate developers to build apps for tablets that will help underserved kids teach themselves how to read or write.

The group’s goal is to help school-age children that can’t read or write in the world, which is a number estimated to be about 250 million.

Ideally, the apps will help kids learn on their own and figure out technology for themselves, which is a philosophy shared with TED audiences.

Matt Keller is the director of the learning price and former leader of the One Laptop Per Child project. He believes the winning app would use an artificial intelligence approach which would determine what the child already does or does not know.

Teams have six months to register, and then after 18 more months, the top five teams will be awarded $1 million, and open source their code. Testing is expected to happen in East Africa.