XFINITY TV Listings Offer Up A Lot


Comcast brings the XFINITY TV Listings to life in various ways, enhancing your television experience. Voted the No. 1 Cable telecommunications services provider since November of 2002, Comcast has a reputation for high quality services already, and they’ve stepped it up a notch with XFINITY.

Besides the basic Cable TV service, you can also access a service for On Demand TV called XFINITY On Demand. This service provides you with shows that you can watch instantly on your TV or on the go, on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Any device that you can access your Comcast television subscription from, you can access XFINITY On Demand.

With XFINITY, you can access movies the day they’re released on DVD, which cuts out the need to leave your home in order to rent or buy elsewhere if you want to watch newly released material. You can download movies and watch them about 28 days before Netflix and Redbox releases them for consumers to rent out or view, which puts them almost a full month above the competition.

Navigating XFINITY TV Listings

XFINITY TV Listings are easy to navigate. It comes with an interactive TV experience that has been named the X1 Platform. The X1 Platform is an operating system that you can use to access everything that XFINITY TV has to offer. You can use the X1 Remote App to control your TV with voice commands if you’re browsing through XFINITY on your smartphone. That’s right, you don’t even have to lift a finger, just say it out loud and you can browse through everything that XFINITY has to offer just by talking.

XFINITY allows you to search for shows, and it works like an Internet search engine to find what you were looking for. Even if you don’t write the whole show title, just type in the first few letters and XFINITY will show you every show that those first few letters match. On top of searching by show title, you can search by genre or the names of actors. This allows you to find something when you don’t know exactly what you want to watch, but you have a vague idea of what might interest you.

If you want to look back at the shows that you’ve already watched, you can see the last nine things that you watched with the touch of a button. This function makes it easy to continue watching a show that you’d previously left unfinished.

The Basics of XFINITY TV

XFINITY TV an innovation new branding for Comcast that hasn’t been experienced before with other television service providers. It enables you to watch any show or movie that the service has to offer at your leisure. XFINITY offers both personal, at home plans, as well as business plans. It boasts the world’s largest and largest quantity of On Demand shows and movies. You can access any of them at any time through your XFINITY TV service or online at Comcast’s XFINITY TV website, whichever is more convenient for you. With Comcast TV service you can schedule your DVR from anywhere, and if at any point you decide that you’re not interested in recording a show anymore, you have the ability to delete your scheduled recordings as well.

AnyRoom DVR XFINITY On Demand allows you to take your entertainment with you. If you have to go to another room while you’re watching your favorite show, you can continue watching on an iPad with XFINITY TV. The XFINITY TV Remote app which allows you to use your iPad as a remote to sort through the XFINITY TV listings.

This service also makes it easy to continue watching your program without having to start over or find your place. It’s just right there, waiting for you. You can also access your Comcast TV service by laptop, or on any TV or Comcast accessible device in the house.

XFINITY Bundle Offers

All of Comcast’s currently available bundle deals come with some flavor of XFINITY. The smallest Triply Play bundle comes with over 80 channels, while there are Double-Play plans with 10 and 45-plus channels. The next bundle gives you access to On Demand, over 80channels, and High Speed Internet. Their biggest bundle, the XFINITY Triple Play, includes On Demand, a selection of more than 200 TV channels, High Speed Internet, and Phone Service. XFINITY Home is also provided in a bundle with home surveillance and security in case the customer also would like a sense of security with their investment. There is currently their “HD Complete” bundle that offers more than 200 channels, Internet speeds of up to 50 Mbps, and the X1 Advanced DVR System for about $200 a month. New subscribers will be welcomed with a $250 Visa Pre-Paid card.