XFINITY Home: A Total Smart Home Monitoring System


If you are looking for a Smart Home security system that does more than just keep intruders out, Comcast’s XFINITY Home system will fit the bill. With the convenience of remote, mobile access and monitoring, you can protect your home and also make it more energy efficient and cost effective.

Get 24/7 Secure Protection and Peace of Mind

The XFINITY security home system provides consumers with the peace of mind that comes with continual, around-the-clock, 24/7 security monitoring. The system will immediately alert you when someone enters your home whether it is a family member or an intruder. The unit is designed to notify and alert designated authorities including local police and fire departments in the event of an emergency.

The XFINITY Home system has you covered with a battery backup even when the power goes out. If there is a temporary network blackout, cellular backup automatically keeps you covered and protected. You get year-round protection and peace of mind with the Comcast home security monitoring system.

Peace of mind can also include watching your wallet and expenses. If you are looking to save some money and get a break on your homeowner’s insurance premium, XFINITY Home can provide you with some added bucks in your pocket. Many insurance companies will give consumers a discount of up to 20% on their rates if they have security systems installed within their homes.

Features of the XFINITY Home System

If you are looking for more than just a basic security alarm system, XFINITY goes above and beyond by including some additional great features for consumers. Highlights of the XFINITY security home system include the ability to monitor environmental controls and lighting.

Save money on your utility and heating bills by using the system to conserve energy by lowering the thermostat and cutting back on lighting usage. The system will also protect you and your family by monitoring carbon monoxide levels and by detecting smoke and possible flooding and leaks within the laundry area.

Depending on the particular plan to decide to sign up for, your package may include the XFINITY Touch Screen Controller, which is similar to a small mobile tablet. The Touch Screen Controller works with your XFINITY security home system using downloaded apps that monitor security, settings, door locks, cameras, thermostats, lights and more.

The same features and functions can also be enabled and monitored using your own mobile devices. The convenience of XFINITY Home will allow you to remotely access the system from your portable tablet or Smartphone to connect and engage live video streaming for a quick home check to make sure that all is well when you are not at home.

Comcast XFINITY Home Offers Several Great Plans

Comcast XFINITY Home offers consumers some great plans including special offers and deals such as a free camera with a 2-year agreement. Whether you are a consumer that likes Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects or one that could benefit from a little more guidance and help, Comcast XFINITY has you covered.

The Secure 300 and Secure 350 plans both come with an on site evaluation of your home by a professional technician to customize a security monitoring system designed to meet your family’s needs. The more basic Control 150 plan is a great choice for those that like to self-install systems. Consumers have the option of choosing professional installation with rates starting at only $99.99.

Equipment varies depending on the selected plan and includes motion sensors, door or window sensors, lighting controllers, indoor/outdoor cameras, and a wireless keypad. Comcast XFINITY offers consumers the option of purchasing additional equipment separately. You can save money with energy conservation devices if you purchase the remotely enabled light switches, appliance controllers, and thermostats.

A tutorial guide is available to help you to become more familiar with how to use all the cool features once you get set up. Comcast XFINITY also offers home user manuals that can be downloaded directly from their website. Be sure to check out the great deals available here on Digital Landing. You can also check Digital Landing for service providers in your area for special promotions on Home Phone, Internet and TV.