Choices Aplenty: XFINITY Channel List

XFINITY Channel List

Comparing XFINITY channel list to the offerings of other providers is one way to ensure that you get maximum value for your Cable TV service budget.

XFINITY is one of the largest providers of digital services in the country, and it started out as a provider of local services in Tupelo, Mississippi, in 1963. XFINITY is Comcast’s new name for its Cable TV offerings, with High Speed Internet, digital TV, Home Phone and Home Security.

As with their competitors, Comcast offers several plans for consumers to choose from that offer a variety of different cable television programming options.

Several Choices for XFINITY Channel Lists

Limited Basic Plan

The Limited Basic plan offers the smallest number of channels to choose from. Most of the channels that are included in this plan are ones you used to be able to receive over the air with an antenna, back in the days before Cable TV. But even this basic plan still grants you access to High Definition versions of some of the basic channels, such as:

  • ABC, and ABC HD
  • CBS, and CBS HD
  • NBC, and NBC HD
  • Fox, and Fox HD
  • PBS, and PBS HD

Digital Economy Plan

Similar to the Limited Basic plan, the Digital Economy plan offers a wider selection of channels, but it eliminates your ability to view them in High Definition like any of the other XFINITY plans do. A bit of a bummer, but if you don’t own an HD TV and want a plan with a little more selection, this plan would work out great. Aside from the HD, you get everything the Limited Basic package offers, but with the addition of more great channels added to the list, such as:

  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Animal Planet
  • Comedy Central
  • Food Network
  • AMC

To me, this package is ideal if you’re a casual TV watcher. AMC offers the hit show, “The Walking Dead,” while Food Network carries a ton of popular shows like “Chopped,” “Cutthroat Kitchen,” “Iron Chef,” and “Food Network Star.”

Digital Starter Plan

The Digital Starter plan is a big step up over the other XFINITY channel lists, touting over 80 channels. They also throw in a collection of more than 40 music channels. The Digital Starter Package includes the HD versions of its offered channels, too. Some of what this plan offers includes the following:

  • XFINITY On Demand
  • ESPN and ESPN 2
  • TNT
  • Syfy
  • Nickelodeon
  • MTV
  • VH1
  • Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery on its own is a fantastic channel and always seems to have something the whole family can watch, such as true crime shows, documentaries and other programming designed be educational and informative, while still being entertaining.

Digital Preferred Plan

This plan takes another big leap in the number of channels that are offered, this time from 80 channels to over 160 channels. Here, we have everything included in the previous packages, but with more HD options added. The Digital Preferred plan channels are a lot of ‘off-shoot’ channels, branching off from major networks like Disney or Nickelodeon. We also have little gems of choices like Destination America, which offers such programs as “A Haunting,” “Pitmasters,” “Mountain Monsters,” and “Smoked.” Here some of the channels offered by the Digital Preferred Plan:

  • Nick Jr.
  • Disney Junior and Disney XD
  • truTV
  • Cooking Channel
  • Teen Nick
  • WE: Women’s Entertainment
  • Sundance Channel
  • IndiePlex
  • ESPN channels not offered in the Starter Plan
  • NFL Network

Digital Premier Package

This is XFINITY’s ultimate package, with well over 200 channels. It also happens to be the most expensive, of course, but it’s the one package where you get all the premium channels you would otherwise have to pay for separately. Awesome, if you want access to shows like “Game of Thrones, without having to dish out an extra $10 a month for XFINITY’s premium channels with the other packages.

  • Cinemax, including Cinemax East and West, MoreMax, ActionMax, and Thriller Max
  • Showtime, including Showtime Too, Showtime Showcase, and Showtime Extreme
  • Starz, including Starz Edge, Starz in Black, Starz Cinema, and Starz Kids & Family
  • HBO, including HBO 2, HBO Signature, HBO Family, and HBO Latino
  • Big TEN
  • ESPN Classics

Getting access to the XFINITY channel list is simple. You can check the channel lineup here. While XFINITY’s installation fees are on the high side, you’ll find you can work with them on the fees, This is especially true, if you remind them their competitors, such as DirecTV and AT&T, usually offer free installation. I’ve had XFINITY for years for my digital TV and High Speed Internet, and despite a few little hiccups, I haven’t had any problems or complaints that weren’t resolved rather quickly and easily.

Check your street address on the Digital Landing Deals page to see if XFINITY offers services in your areas. You’ll also see what deals from all digital service providers in your area are offering.

Photo Credit: Gazeronly