XFINITY by Comcast: On Demand Features


XFINITY by Comcast gives you television when you want it and how you want it with On Demand viewing choices for TV and online. With XFINITY Comcast, you can catch up on the latest episodes or watch full seasons of your favorite shows. They offer the latest hit movies, music and children’s programming. What more could you ask for?

Deeply involved in a movie, but you have to get dinner started? No problem, XFINITY has AnyRoom On Demand, which lets your show move with you from room to room. That means that if you started watching it in the family room, you can now finish it in the kitchen.

XFINITY by Comcast is just packed with features and we are going to show you how to use a few of them.

XFINITY by Comcast: On Demand

On Demand shows and movies are available anywhere, anytime you use the set-top boxes or your authorized XFINITY online account.

  1. To get access on your set-top boxes press the On Demand button or tune to channel 1 on your remote.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select a category.
  3. Push the OK/Select button.
  4. Once again, use the arrows to scroll through your program choices and press the OK/Select Button to confirm your choice.
  5. You will now have the option to View, Buy, or Preview the program. Select the appropriate icon and select Yes to confirm.

When viewing the On Demand listings, programs added within the last seven days will have NEW beside their titles. If you want to know a bit more about the selected program prior to purchase, or you want to know how long it will be available, then press the INFO key on your remote.

If a program is stopped during viewing, it will usually be saved for up to 48 hours (programs under 20 minutes will not be saved). To access the saved program, go to the main On Demand menu and select Saved Programs. You should then be able to select your program and play it from where you left off. The AnyRoom On Demand lets you continue that program from any set-top box or web accessible device.

Search Features

Looking for a particular show or just in the mood for an action flick? Then XFINITY has the answer with their on-screen search engine that lets you search by category, title or channel. From the quick menu, press the search key (magnifying glass) and then use the arrow keys to select your search method (category, title or channel) and press OK/Select. Different search methods will give you different results.

If you are searching by category you will be shown the programs currently in progress, to see what the upcoming programs are, press the side arrow. If searching by channel, press the up and down arrows to view current listings or press the channel number to instantly view their programming. If you press the guide button on your remote, it will let you switch between channels and times.

Choosing to search by title will produce an onscreen keyboard. Use the arrow keys and the OK/Select button to spell out your search query. If you don’t find what you want, you can always save your search by selecting the SAVE option. Your saved searches can be found from the quick menu by selecting the search key. You can have up to 15 saved searches.

Parental Controls

Setting parental controls is simple, just be certain that you are not using a pass-code that your children can easily figure out. With parental controls, you can block specific shows, channels or program ratings. You can also prevent them from purchasing programming without your permission.

On your controller press the MENU key twice and select Parental Controls from the menu that appears onscreen. You will have a variety of control options allowing you to personalize how your children view TV.

  • TV Ratings Lock: Allows you to block programming with specific ratings.
  • TV Content Lock: Allows you to block TV programming with certain content restrictions such as Violence, Language, Sexual Situations, or Suggestive Language. This only applies to regular television programming, not On Demand or Pay-Per-View.
  • Master Locks: Allows free access to all programming by temporarily bypassing or permanently deleting locks.
  • Service Locks: Blocks access to all On Demand programming.
  • Hide Titles: Shows titles of programs with Adult or MA ratings as the words “TV-MA Programming” or “Adult Programming.”
  • PINs Setup: Restricts access to On Demand or Pay-Per-View Programming.

Something Worth Watching

With XFINITY by Comcast, you can watch almost anything you want. There is always something on television worth watching. XFINITY’S comprehensive parental controls and multiple set-top boxes allow everyone to be happy as they watch programming individualized for their own unique tastes.

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