What are the Worst Gadgets of the Past Year?

The Worst Gadgets

Why do we want to know about the worst gadgets? Well, you want to know what not to spend your time thinking about considering purchasing don’t you? When you’re out shopping for something you want to know what others think are the best in whatever category you’re shopping in. However, some categories are so over-saturated that it’s hard to know where to start.

Worst Gadgets in Recent Memory

I’m going to help you out by telling you what bad gadgets to stay away from.

Hi-Fun with the hi-Call Glove

hi-Fun Gloves -- Worst GadgetsYou’ve seen the gesture everywhere you go, all over the planet: when someone wants you to call them, they make a fist with their thumb and small (pinky) finger sticking out, put said fist to their face, and mouth the words “Call me!” Well, I’m here to tell you that someone took that gesture, stuck it inside a glove with a speaker and microphone and turned it into a BlueTooth extension of your cell phone. Now, when someone makes that silly gesture telling you to “Call me!” you can make the same gesture and make the call. Or not.

The New 4K TV

This baby had failure written all over it pretty much from its inception, but LG carried it through to production anyway. 4K TV promised clarity and sound quality that’s better than digital and even HD in some cases. However, it also requires new broadcast equipment and all new cameras. LG advertises their Ultra HD 4K TV as having four times the resolution of HD. However, the only thing that’s been broadcast in 4K was the Sochi Olympics. I think I’ll wait for producers, directors, and networks to adapt this before I spend my money on it.

The LG Optimus Vu: A Great Phone … a Few Years Ago

This one was surprising for me. LG is known for delivering an excellent line of products across their whole family of products. The LG G2 was one of my favorite phones to review recently and I almost bought one when I upgraded recently. It was just a bit out of my price range. However, the LG Optimus Vu II seems almost like something they decided to introduce as a joke. It’s slow, anemic in storage capability, and fits very uncomfortably in your hand. It also ships with a version of Android that is two generations old. What were they thinking?

Falling Off the Fitness Bandwagon with iMusic

The full name of this atrocity is iMusic Body Rhythm. It looks like a cross between a medieval torture device, baby clothes, and an attempt at a fitness device. It’s a bib with a zipper that connects via BlueTooth to your iPhone and “taps” your shoulders in time to the music currently playing. The app that comes with it can also be used as a percussion machine by running the app and either shaking or tapping the phone.

If You’re Trying to Lose Weight, Don’t Try HAPIFork

No, you didn’t read that wrong, I did say HAPIFork. The people behind this thing heard that eating too fast has been shown to have a connection to weight gain and indigestion, so they came up with a fork that monitors how much and how fast you eat and lets you know when you’re going too fast with the food. How, you ask? The fork lights up and vibrates when you exceed a preset limit. You’ll also be told how long it took you to eat.

iPhone Amplifier
The Mini Koo is an amplifier that uses acoustical law to amplify your iPhone.


Acoustic iPhone Amplifiers

There are times when you may want to share the music from your iPhone/iPod with others in the room. When this time comes, I highly recommend an iDock or a proper amplifier. However, have you ever stuck your i-device in a bowl or glass to help amplify the sound? That’s the premise behind acoustic amplifiers like the Mini Koo (pictured above). These are nothing more than blocks of hard material, usually wood, that you place your i-device into and the terrible sound from the speaker is acoustically amplified.

Paparazzo iPhone Light

Here’s an idea whose time will hopefully never come. The Paparazzo iPhone Light takes my personal top prize on this list of worst gadgets. It’s a great idea if you want to be a professional photographer that uses an iPhone to take pictures instead of a real camera, but, other than that, “why” is all I have to say. The premise it you attach the device to the port on your iPhone and it will give you increased light for your pictures. However, unlike a flash on a real camera, you have to click the trigger to make the flash work, it’s not synchronized with the phone’s camera.

Let the “I” Potty Train with iPotty

Yep. Someone incorporated a stand for an iPad into a child’s potty trainer. No, really, they did. Simply snap the iPad into the plastic frame, plop your potty training child into the seat and I don’t know — let nature take its course? I’ll admit the iPotty has a few features that are designed to help keep your iPad clean while your pottying toddler plays with it, but … really?