Listening to Windows 9 Rumors

Windows 9 Rumors

Windows 9 rumors have been making the rounds of forums and tech news sites over the past few months. The sources of these rumors run the gamut from inferences people have drawn from recent patents Microsoft has received to claims of leaked builds from enthusiast sites in China. Informed deductions have also been made from recent job postings made by the company.

At the time of this writing, the only two things we know for sure about Windows 9 is that the codename is “Threshold,” and it will be a complete update to the operating system. We’ll also most likely get at least one more major and one minor update to Windows 8/8.1.

Release Date Rumors Vary

So far, nobody from Microsoft has allowed themselves be pinned down to any specific update or upgrade cycle for their flagship product, Windows. Rumors abound in the press and forums, though. With the recent cycle that has stayed fairly regular that they’ve shown, pundits speculated on a release date for Windows 9 possibly being as soon as the end of the year.

Popular blogger Paul Thurrot says that’s much too early, though. According to his blog he has it on good word that Windows 9 will be released in April of 2015. This makes sense based upon their recent release cycle with either new releases or major updates/upgrades coming out in early spring. The common thinking is that the release of Windows 8 is something the company wants to put behind them quickly There has also been innuendo from Microsoft hinting that this thinking is correct.

Speculation About the Codename

The technology press originally thought that the codename for Windows 9 was “Blue.” However, it has since turned out that Blue refers to the Windows 8.1 Update. Microsoft’s previous release, Windows 7 was and is a desktop/laptop operating system. While Windows 8 and 8.1 run well as a desktop/laptop OS, it is more of a mobile environment type operating system. Speculation has it that “Threshold” refers to the idea of Microsoft of fully integrating these two environments in a single OS, with the Start screen being the heart of it and how it’s used.

Windows 9 Rumors About Price

There’s a site located in Russia that has gotten the reputation of being correct most of the time when they leak information about Microsoft Office and Windows releases that says Windows 9 will be free Ok, to be honest this free copy of Windows is going to be pretty bare-bones and you’ll have to pay for specific functionality on a subscription basis.

According to western press sources, though, there will be a variety of pricing models. One of the Windows 9 rumors about this has it that price will depend on whether the operating environment is desktop or mobile. OEM’s like Dell, Compaq, and Acer will have different prices than consumers also. Other rumors have it that price will vary by built-in functionality.

Leaner and More Driven by Apps

During a recent earnings call Microsoft CFO Peter Klein announced that they’ve gotten the picture that tablets with Windows 8 on them need to cheaper. In other words, Microsoft needs to give consumers the hardware they want at a price they’re willing to pay. There have also been recent job posting for developers to help make apps for Windows Phone and RT run on both Windows and Windows Phone. Much of this development is in scaling apps for different screen sizes.

The Cloud Will Be Featured Heavily

One of the ways Microsoft engineers may make Windows 9 smaller and reliant on apps is by relying heavily on the cloud. The Russian site mentioned above has also posted stories saying that they’ve got leaked information saying this. According to them, users will need an Internet connection much like the Chrome OS. This story says that most of the OS will reside in BIOS (Basic Input Output System, the code under the OS that tells the OS how to use system components such as the mouse, keyboard, and hard drives. This lines up with the OS being cloud- and app-driven.

Better Power Management in Windows 9

Since Windows 9 is going to hopefully be the ideal integration of desktop and mobile operating systems, improvements in power management is most likely going to high on the list things we’ll see in Windows 9. The Intel Haswell chip recently announced brings Connected Standby to Core system, so improved power management is going to go down to the chipset level.

As we get closer to the release date, there’s going to be an ever increasing number of Windows 9 rumors, so stay tuned!