Wi-Fi Access with Your Time Warner Cable Login

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Time Warner Cable is now rolling out what it is calling its, “TWCWiFi-Passpoint,” a national Wi-Fi network that has something they call Hotspot 2.0 technology. This has created a new kind of Wi-Fi and Internet access for Time Warner Cable customers, who now only need to enter a Time Warner Cable login once in order to be signed in to the system, from anywhere.

It’s been a while since wireless technology got upgraded, Hotspot 2.0 is designed to make public Wi-Fi work more like a cellular network. It will automatically recognize and connect devices that have permission to access their network, thus eliminating the need to find and connect to the network. Most Wi-Fi networks require the user to go through a login portal on their web browsers or to download special software. These requirements and the lack of security on these networks have made it cumbersome for many, thus limiting the appeal of Hotspot usage. The upshot of this new system is that Time Warner Cable can allow anyone on their mobile network easy access to a variety of Wi-Fi ports, anywhere that the Hotspots are located.

Hotspots are Hot Subjects

More good news about the new Hotspots is that the Internet, just got a little more secure. The reason for this is that all the new Hotspots are WPA2 Enterprise compliant. This is a far more rigorous standard of security than that frequently found in the wide-open Wi-Fi networks that are currently available across the nation’s coffee shops. Even though the new secure network has only been in operation for a few weeks Time Warner Cable has already seen a large increase in Hot Spot users. The dual fact of easier access and more security has made Wi-Fi outside the home, more appealing to many.

Time Warner Cable has stated that they eventually plan that all of their Hotspots will offer the TWC WiFi-Passpoint network option. This secure networking will allow even highly security conscious users to make secure transactions anywhere, not just at home. This can be very important for anyone who wants to make sure that their online purchases are kept from prying eyes, but wants to be able to make that quick purchase from their mobile device.

The New Hotspot 2.0 is available to all Time Warner Internet subscribers who have qualified devices, which include the iPhone 5, Galaxy 4 and HTC One. Unfortunately, those of us with older technology still have to access Wi-Fi Hotspots the old fashioned way, using our Time Warner Cable login, and we don’t get access to the extra security features.

Broadband Customers Enjoy Hotspot 2.0

Hotspot 2.0 has existed for about two years, but it has only recently been made available to the public through carriers and ISPs. Time Warner Cable sees this as a way to create more options for their broadband customers, allowing them to connect to the system outside of their homes, with a security they feel comfortable with. They are already paying for the service, so why not let them safely use it no matter where they are?

The day of the golden Time Warner Cable login may be here for some, but for now, most of the Hotspots are centered in cities and other urban areas. It may be a while before those in the suburbs are able to benefit from the more secure Wi-Fi Hotspots. The new Hotspots are currently available in Austin, Charlotte, Kansas City, Myrtle Beach, Hawaii, Southern California and New York City. If you live in a Hotspot 2.0 region and want to take one for a ride then you can use apps available on Android and Apple devices to track them down.

Time Warner Cable’s rival, Comcast, is planning to add Hotspot 2.0 to its growing Wi-Fi network, as well, although, it has not yet provided any sort of time line. Comcast already uses its users public facing routers as a way to provide cell phone service to customers on a secondary network located on Comcast’s routers, although this has produced quite a bit of push back from consumer advocate groups.