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Internet Service Providers sell several services at the same time these days, from Cable TV and Phone Services to High Speed Internet, much like Bright House Tampa. On a local level, customers prove hard to impress with gimmicks and ad campaigns alone. You want quality service, useful extra features, and dependable Internet service without fuss, right? But few providers know how to build value offerings that make you excited to switch services.

Bright House Networks is a provider focusing primarily in Central Florida and a smattering of other areas. Not only does Bright House understand the customer dynamic, it acts on that understanding with several bonus services you never knew you wanted. After looking at these three bundle bonuses, you will wonder when your own provider will start offering the same goodies — or you might make a call and switch services.

1. TV Apps

When it comes to Internet service, Brighthouse Tampa has unique offerings.Cable TV apps for your phone or tablet computer are nothing new. Many companies offer them — from remote control interfaces to extra information about your favorite shows. But Internet Service Providers rarely jump into the app game, so seeing Bright House Tampa produce its own Bright House TV App is a little startling — at first. A closer look reveals a management app designed to control your TV viewing experience from the top down.

Using the TV App, you can remotely block channels (which also removes them from the TV guide interface on your screen), watch your favorite TV programs live on your iPad, and much more. If that mini-guide on your television makes you squint, there is a channel guide that pops up on your phone or iPad, too. When will more Internet Service Providers start developing these incredible useful TV apps? Apparently, it will happen when they hire developers on par with Bright House.

2. Smart, Remote Management

Bright House Tampa also has a distinctive array of integration features between your phone, TV and computer. Far beyond basic tracking apps, the company offers the Easy Gadget software package, which connects you to your phone from any Internet-connected computer. Listen to your home voicemail on your computer at the office, and bring up the Caller ID program to see if they call back. Every time your home phone rings, you can see who is calling, no matter where you are.

Planning on being out of town? Use the software to forward your phone automatically to any other phone. Send text messages online to anyone in your contact list to save time, and browse through your call history and voicemails using a simple online interface instead of the old-fashioned button-tapping method.

While some Internet Service Providers give you a new email account or allow for some phone data management through their website, not many offer you downloadable, fully customizable software that gives you control of your phone from anywhere. Unless you only use your cell phone and skip the landline option altogether (a growing trend), this software is a welcome change from traditional options.

3. Cheap Sports Packages

All service providers try to make bundles and channel packages that appeal to their Cable TV customers, but Bright House Tampa’s sports package deserves special attention. It is a classic case of listening to customers, then providing exactly what they want, how they want it. Let’s face facts: In today’s digital world you can find most of the TV shows you want to watch on the Web or through similar Internet TV options. If you buy Cable, you buy it to keep up on news and events where watching live is important — like sports.

Bright House Networks, in a rare example of savvy customer service, realizes why its customers buy Cable TV and offers a whole list of Sports Packages designed to give you exactly what you are looking for while saving money. The basic Sports Pass package gives you all the extra sports channels, including tennis, racing, and soccer, among many others. There are also specific league passes for hockey, basketball, and other sports. Or you could purchase only the ESPN GamePlan channels – or only the extra MLB channels. This makes it easy to purchase the least expensive Cable TV option, then supplement it with all the channels you want, rather than loading up on channels you don’t want and don’t watch to get the few channels that actually work for you.

When will other Internet Service Providers start offering such customizable packages? To be fair, many are starting to diversify their packages too, but few have taken their offerings as far as Bright House Tampa. It is a promising trend for the Cable TV customer, and for now, Bright House is on the cutting edge.

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