Who to Notify After Moving

Who to Notify After Moving

An important part of the final moving step is you need a list of who to notify after moving. The moving process can be long and drawn out — a bewildering array of boxes, packing tape, stress, and the open road. Once your relocation is complete and you are taking the steps to settle in your new house, it’s time to send out notifications of your move.

Let’s take a look at creating a post-move notification checklist to help you successfully get settled in your new abode. Failure to notify some of the businesses on the list can really hamper things if you don’t pay attention. Remember to check out our convenient Moving Guide for additional tips and advice about the moving process.

Notify Your Banks and Credit Card Companies that You Moved

It is absolutely vital that you notify your bank and any credit card companies about your recent relocation. Imagine a scenario when you are buying some furniture online for your new house and the transaction is declined because the shipping and billing address you entered when checking out doesn’t match what’s on the record at your credit card company. In fact, your credit card companies need to be near the top of your list of who to notify after moving.

Free Digital Landing Moving GuideNotifying your bank — if you aren’t changing to a new financial institution — is also vital since you will need to get checks printed that indicate your new address. Paying by check at many local retail establishments isn’t possible with a check from an out-of-state bank. Not having valid checks definitely limits your local payment options.

The United States Postal Service Helps to Get the Word Out About Your Move

The U.S. Postal Service offers a great resource for handling your relocation. Simply use their simple online form to redirect all mail to your new address. The Postal Service also helps you out by notifying your magazines, catalogs, and more of your new address. This frees you up to concentrating on notifying the more important entities on your list, like the previously mentioned financial institutions.

You will have to pay a nominal fee — currently $1.05 — to use the USPS change of address service, but that is money well spent. The service will automatically forward all First Class mail from your old address for a full year — this includes Priority Mail and all packages as well. Magazines and other periodicals only get forwarded for 60 days; in many cases they will note your new address from the USPS, but if you stop receiving a periodical after two months, definitely remind them that you moved.

Don’t Forget About the Department of Transportation in Your State

If you are moving to a new state, you’ll obviously need to get a new drivers license. But even when moving within the same state, you must notify your state’s Department of Transportation. Having the wrong address on your drivers license is against the law in many states and can tack on a nice fine if you get pulled over for speeding or any other infraction.

Additionally, notifying your car insurance company about your move is also important. They will want to know your new drivers license number if you moved to a new state. You can also expect your insurance fees to change depending on the state.

Speaking of Insurance…

In addition to notifying your car insurance provider about moving, all other insurance companies — health, life, etc. — need notification of your new address. If you’ve moved to a new state, your health insurance can definitely be affected. Do some research on this vital issue before you move!

Don’t Forget Your Digital TV, Phone and Internet Providers

Finally, make sure to notify your Digital TV, Home Phone, and High Speed Internet providers during your relocation process. Staying connected after a move helps you to stay in contact with friends and family, especially if you are in a new area without many acquaintances.

After your move is finished and you are settled in your new home, ensuring all the important contacts in your life are properly notified helps you get used to your new surroundings. Once again, don’t forget to notify any insurance and financial companies!

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