Safe and Secure: Alarm Companies

Which Alarm Companies Are Right For You?

Feeling safe at home is important. In order to feel safe, many will contact alarm companies to install a security system in their home. When selecting an alarm system, you want to know that you are getting quality service that will always be on guard and looking out for your family. There are several home security companies that offer excellent protection. Not all of them are well known, but they all provide quality home protection for you and your loved ones. The services you and your family need will determine which of the alarm companies is the best fit for you.

Front Point Security

In my research for the best home security systems, this company was No. 1 on every list. They get top marks from consumers as well. They offer a risk-free, 30-day, money-back trial, which is an incentive to try them out.

Front Point Security prides their company on the customer service they offer. When you call in, you speak to a trained individual based in the U.S. They have been operating since 2007 and for the last three years they have beaten out the other companies for first place.

This top-rated alarm company offers 24-hour monitoring of your home. They have a wireless connection between the sensors and the control panel, and a cellular connection between the control panel and the monitoring station. The sensors and cameras are wireless, so no modification of your home is required. All equipment comes with a 2-year warranty and a 5-year battery. If the battery fails within that 5 years, they will replace it free of charge. The equipment is manufactured by GE, a company that most people already trust. You can either install the system yourself or get professional installation.

A cellular connection is the best option because burglars are unable to simply cut the phone or Internet connection and render your alarm system useless. They also can’t destroy the panel to disarm the alarm, because once the alarm is tripped, the only way to stop the signal is to type in the code. Even the pricing of Front Point Security receives a top rating because it is reasonable and there are no hidden fees.

Protect America

Rated as one of the top alarm companies is Protect America. Their equipment is manufactured by GE and they have been operating for more than 20 years. The ever popular self-installation that many alarm companies now use started with Protect America. With Protect America you get 24-hour system monitoring. Unlike Front Point, they also have a two-way intercom. The monitoring system uses either cellular or broadband connections, and along with Front Point, you’re able to get alerts and control your system online through a convenient website.

They have some of the lowest prices with several packages to choose from. The equipment is free and comes with a lifetime warranty. If you wish for cellular service, you must request it as they don’t actively promote it. If you consistently make your payments, you’re eligible for the price-lock guarantee, which means your rates won’t change for as long as you have their service.

The one downside is they have received some negative ratings for customer service and have a “C” rating from the Better Business Bureau in that category.

ADT Home Security

ADT is one of the best known alarm companies out there, as they have a more consistent advertising campaign. You’ve probably seen ads or commercials for their systems. They have been operating for more than 100 years, and have over 6 million customers to their credit.

They do not offer self-installation as their security systems can only be professionally installed, but they do have a large network of trained installation technicians. Their equipment is manufactured by Honeywell. Their prices are a little steeper, but they do have several plans and installations to choose from and the equipment is free. When choosing ADT, it’s important to make sure you use an authorized dealer. ADT has a BBB rating of B+, but the local installation tech’s rating could be different based upon your location. They also have cellular monitoring.

Honorable Mentions

Vivint: With this alarm company, you can access your system via smartphone or computer. The pricing is a little more expensive, but they do focus on good customer service.

LifeShield Security: This innovative company offers personal or professional installation, cellular monitoring, and free equipment.

No matter which alarm companies you choose, it’s important that you and your family not only feel safe, but are actually well protected. With new technologies emerging, it’s important to stay on top of things and ensure that the security system you have installed in your home is up to date.

With so many alarm companies around, rates are competitive and you have to find the business, rates, and package that work best for you.

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