What’s the Future of LG Google TV?

LG Google TV

Google TV is a software set designed to work on your TV and integrate perfectly with other Android apps on your phone and computer. At its core, Google TV is an Internet streaming service designed to work with set-top boxes and other entertainment system devices. It streams video content from the web to your big screen, as well as giving you access to various live TV options and YouTube. You can search for apps on Google Play and add them to your LG Google TV interface to get more access. Google also allows you to customize Google TV extensively, creating favorite lists and offering you recommendations based on what you watch most.

Google TV has been around for a few years, but has received varying reviews. TV and Internet streaming have not made good playmates in the past. TV software has been confusing, streaming services like Hulu have fought with developers like Google, and strong, well-integrated products have been noticeably absent. This is slowly changing as tech focuses more and more on online streaming content.

Do I Need It?

Know the facts before buying an LG Google TV

How much TV do you watch using High Speed Internet services? If you prefer to use Cable TV or Satellite TV services for your TV needs instead of the Internet, then streaming services like Google TV should not be a high priority. On the other hand, if costs and crazy schedules have you picking up a lot of TV shows or sports broadcasts through websites and streaming services like Hulu, then Google TV could be an option. But read on before making a decision.

How is LG Involved?

You can get Google TV by purchasing a separate little device from Google, or you can purchase a TV that already has the software and hardware integrated into the system, like an LG Google TV. A deal between the two companies allowed LG to produce these TVs.

LG took an extra step and created its own interface for its TVs instead of using the familiar Android look. Instead of relying on complex inputs, this unique interface uses a combination remote/small QWERTY keyboard that comes with enabled TVs. Most screens also include dual core processors to run the software (L9 processors are the latest generation).

You have plenty of choices when picking an LG Google TV with this streaming tech. The company offers a number of displays that include Google, ranging in size from 47-55 inches. The more advanced versions also include LED screens and Smart TV software to help save energy through better lighting techniques.

What Extra Features Does the LG Google TV Have?

Eventually LG began offering additional features on its compatible TVs to attract customers. If you look for a TV today, chances are good you will find one with a 3D interface and a “Magic Remote” that you can use to active the menu screen through motion controls. These new features may not add a lot of improvement to the basic system, but they do add entertainment to the displays and make them easier to use if you prefer motion control and an interface beyond Google’s own.

How Does the Future of LG and Google TV Look?

Not good. While LG continues to advertise and sell its TVs with Google technology, it is busy developing its own smart TV using a WebOS platform which LG can freely customize and adapt without needing to rely on Google technology. The benefits to LG are clear, if the company can produce a superior product, but it looks like Google TV will be phased out of its product line as a result.

Why is LG making the change? The company may not be comfortable meeting the necessary Google TV requirements in the long-term, preferring the freedom of open-source development instead. It could also be the tepid response to Google TV on the market, where customers have proved wary to commit to a single streaming service.

So Should I Buy an LG Google TV?

Do you need Google TV? Passionate Android users who are already familiar with Google interfaces and the available apps may find an LG Google TV worthwhile. The models add more adaptable and user-friendly options to the Google formula without the need to purchase separate equipment.

If you are not especially attached to Google TV, wait on purchasing one until LG makes its intentions more clear. Streaming services are improving as a whole, and past questions may be resolved in further Google TV versions. On the other hand, LG may impress with its new WebOS project, which could be a better choice if you love LG TVs.