What’s New on Hulu for December?


Curious about what’s new on Hulu and Hulu Plus for December? Need help finding something great to stream on Hulu that will get you into the holiday spirit? We help you find the best of what’s streaming with this overview.

What’s New on Hulu!?!

Hulu and Hulu Plus actually have plenty of different shows/movies available from different genres.

TV shows on Hulu

Hulu is probably best known for the hundreds of television shows that viewers can stream. The range is very diverse and includes current and past shows from various networks, genres and decades. The following are a few you might not have heard about yet, that will help give you a break from the madness of the holiday rush.

Manhattan Love Story: This ABC drama was canceled before all of its episodes were aired. Fans of the show will be relieved to learn that the entire show is currently streaming on Hulu Plus, including all seven of the unaired episodes which will begin airing one a week on Thursdays, starting December 4th.

New on Hulu - Marry MeMarry Me: Season 1 of this sweet romantic comedy is now available. It follows the misadventures of a couple who are polar opposites and too shy to come out and propose to one another.

The Mindy Project: The second season of this romantic comedy about the relationships of an OB-GYN, the man she loves, and his mother, are now available. Will Mindy be able to become the perfect woman and have a perfect fairy tale ending to her romance, despite the antics of her boyfriend’s mother?

The Originals: Supernatural fans will be happy to know that Season 2 of this spinoff from the popular Vampire Diaries is now available!

Selfie: This show is another canceled ABC series whose unaired episodes can now be streamed on Hulu Plus. The plot is centered around the misadventures of a hardcore social media account – will she be able to break her addiction and stop tormenting her followers with too many selfies and posts?

The Wrong Mans: The second season of this hit BBC comedy is airing on Hulu Plus now. The plot is centered around two typical guys that make the mistake of answering a ringing phone at the scene of a car accident and wind up drawn into a criminal plot.

Movies on Hulu and Hulu Plus

Hulu and Hulu Plus both have a large selection of movies that viewers will enjoy streaming year round. Since Christmas is near, why not stream one of these Christmas movies to help you get into the spirit of the holidays!

New on Hulu - The Cat in the HatThe Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About Christmas (2012): This animated film is filled with Dr. Seuss’s lovable characters, and tells a new story that features the Cat in the Hat and a tiny baby reindeer.

Chilly Christmas (2012): A young boy and his dog leave their home on Christmas eve to thwart the nefarious plot of a gang of pet thieves.

A Christmas Too Many (2007): An older Hollywood actress invites her dysfunctional family home for the holidays.

A Christmas Wish (2011): The misadventures of a young mother that travels to the other side of the country in search of work when her husband leaves her just before Christmas.

The Man Who Saved Christmas (2002): Based on the true story of toymaker A.C. Gilbert who convinced Congress not to cancel the holiday.

My Santa (2013): While it’s expected for young children to sometimes fall for the Santa in the mall, what about a single mom? That’s the premise of this cute romantic film.

Santa and Pete (1999): Heartwarming family drama about a family that must cope with the loss of their grandmother during the holidays.

The Santa Trap (2002): Young Anna misses the Christmases her family use to celebrate before they moved, so she devises a plan to capture Santa so that he can fulfill her Christmas wishes!

Snow (2004): It’s three days before Christmas, and Santa must rescue a reindeer from the zoo.

What do you think about the titles that are new on Hulu for December? Let us know in the comments section below if you have watched any of these TV Shows or movies! Did we miss any shows that you like to stream on Hulu? Why not let us know about your favorite shows? If you are still searching for content to stream this holiday season, why not check our November and Decemberr lists of Christmas movies that are streaming at Netflix now?