What to do With Unwanted Gift Cards


What do you do with the unwanted gift cards though? Gift cards are considered a nice universal everything fits and the color is always right gift, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. The gifter meant well, but that Abercrombie and Fitch gift card just isn’t your style, and the nearest Bed, Bath and Beyond is 50 miles away. These are not gift cards you are going to use.

I think we have all gotten that unwanted gift from someone. An over sized sweater from Aunt Ruth, the sickly sweet candle from a kindly neighbor, or the PlayStation game when you own an X-box. These unwanted gifts are easy to deal with — you simply return them or re-gift them to someone that will appreciate them.

But unwanted gift cards — what can you do?

You can always try re-gifting them, but do you even know anyone that shops at a store like Abercrombie and Fitch? That means that you probably stuck with a worthless gift card, and that money will just end up lining the corporations pockets.

Solutions for Unwanted Gift Cards

There are other ways to get rid of unwanted gift cards, you can sell or trade them and we will give you a list of reputable sites to it at.


Cardpool is my favorite site. This allows you to sell, trade or buy gift cards for a variety of restaurants and retail outlets.

You sell your gift cards for a slightly lower value than the card, but you get money and no longer have to worry about what to do with the card. They don’t offer a flat rate on the cards, the amount you lose on the gift card will vary by the demand for the gift card.

This is also a great place to purchase gift cards for yourself or as a gift as you can buy them at a slightly reduced rate than face value. I purchase discounted gift cards at Christmas then use them to buy gifts, it saves me a little extra.


Not one I have used myself, but I have heard good things about Raise. Like other sites, they allow you to buy and sell gift cards, what makes them different is their iOS app. While you are shopping you can use their app to buy a discounted gift card for the store you are in.

Imagine that you are in Kohls and see a shirt that you really want, it is on sale for $25 then you launch Raise on your phone and manage to snag a $25 gift card for $22. You have now saved additional money before you even hit the register.

Unlike Cardpool, Raise doesn’t buy the card directly from you. You list it for sale at a discount of your choosing and Raise will claim 15% of the final sale price.


If you want money from your gift cards now, you might be able to find one of their gift card exchange machines nearby. This is not a method I recommend, as I can not find any comment about how much they take. I suppose it is a good method for cash now, but you can probably find other ways.


Another site that lets you buy or sell your unwanted gift cards at a discounted rate. Giftcards is fantastic for small business owners that want to give employees or customers a small gift card or use a gift card as an incentive because they allow bulk ordering. You can also customize the gift cards with corporate logos, sayings etc.

I recently saw a post where a couple used customized gift cards as their groomsmen and bridemaids gifts. I thought that was a nice unique gift idea.

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny doesn’t actually sell or buy the cards themselves, instead they keep track of the sites that do. They keep track of the leading sites and let you know who has the better deal, of course you also need to pay attention to the fees that those sites leverage as Gift Card Granny only lists what the cards are going for, not what the fees on top of the price are.

Photo Credit: LaniElderts