What Makes CenturyLink TV Different?


CenturyLink TV is now offering consumers a new, exciting option to explore when watching television. If you are looking for the best of what Cable TV and Satellite TV can offer combined together into one service, then CenturyLink Prism TV may be just what you’re looking for. Features of this new innovative service by CenturyLink TV set it apart from others, including an advanced fiber-optic network for 100-percent digitally formatted viewing. CenturyLink Refer A Friend

What Makes CenturyLink Prism TV Different?

The way that CenturyLink Prism TV works is quite different from both Cable TV and Satellite TV. If you now use Cable TV, then you are familiar with that long black cable line that hooks into your television and into the outlet on your wall. For those that have Satellite TV, your reception comes from having a satellite dish installed on the outside of your home, so that it faces the southern region of the sky, unobstructed to pick up and receive the necessary transmission signals. Get Social with CenturyLink« and Earn Visa« Reward Cards

CenturyLink Prism TV works by using the same connection as your phone line. The setup is like Cable TV in that it includes a receiver box that looks a little like the DVD player you use when you watch rented movies on your television. What makes this service stand out from the more traditional Cable TV and Satellite TV services is the advanced technology of their fiber-optic network.

What Can You Do with CenturyLink Prism TV?

Some of the perks that CenturyLink Prism TV’s advanced fiber-optics offered to viewers include

  • Find-It-Fast Navigation┬«
  • Warp-Speed Channel Change
  • Personal Media Sharing
  • Picture-In-Picture Navigation
  • Interactive Dashboard

Additional highlights include fast and speedy browsing with no delay, so that you can see what’s on one channel while watching your favorite shows on another channel. You will also have access to High Definition HD channels depending on what features you sign up for.

What Other TV Services Does CenturyLink TV Offer?If you are an avid TV watcher and never want to miss episodes of your favorite shows or movies, CenturyLink Prism TV will let you record up to four shows all at once and you only have to use one DVR. When you are watching television and spot a familiar face and cannot for the life of you remember who it is, well, you can use the Find-It-Fast Navigation to search for and track down a character’s name by title, actor or category. That is a very handy interactive feature indeed!

CenturyLink TV currently offers customers a variety of choices for services that not only includes CenturyLink Prism TV, but also CenturyLink Direct TV and CenturyLink Broadband TV. Availability of each service will depend on the region where you live, so a suggestion would be to check your street address on Digital Landing, to see if they offer service where you live.

CenturyLink Broadband TV is a service that lets you watch live television on your computer using their High Speed Internet service. Once you sign up for CenturyLink Broadband TV, if you find yourself traveling and on vacation, as long as you have access to a computer, all you have to do is sign in to your account and then start enjoying your favorite TV shows! Customers that sign up for CenturyLink Direct TV get CenturyLink Broadband TV as part of their service plan.

CenturyLink TV

CenturyLink Direct TV is satellite-based television. If you decide that you would like to use this type of service, you will need to have a satellite dish installed on the outside of your home so that it faces the southern region of the sky and has an unobstructed view. Some of the features available with CenturyLink Direct TV include being able to watch two TV shows from your playlist at the same time that you are recording two shows.

Additional perks available through CenturyLink Direct TV, that may not be available with Cable TV, include access to High Definition (HD) channels. HDTV is a feature that enhances the quality of the images that you view on the screen. The resolution is higher, so the colors are crisper and what you see on your TV screen is clearer and sharper.

Installing Satellite TV equipment on the building where you live may pose a problem if you are renter. If you have a screened-in porch you may be able to hook it up within that area as long as the dish can still face the southern sky without being blocked in any way. Even so, you may need to get permission from your landlord before hooking any equipment up.

How Do You Decide Which CenturyLink TV Service to Get?

If you are unsure what type of CenturyLink TV service you would like, here are a few helpful tips. Take into consideration how often you watch television and what types of shows and events you want access to. Some of the premium movie and sports channels may cost a little more, but if you are an avid fan and enjoy watching them, think of it as a treat for yourself like a night out on the town!

One of the nice features about CenturyLink TV services is that they will install and setup everything for you while you relax in your recliner in front of your television. They regularly offer special deals at a great price and you can save even more if you bundle some of their services together. Compare the prices for each service in addition to the features to better help you decide.

CenturyLink TV also provides Internet and telephone services so if you are looking to switch over and want to save some money in the process, the company has some great incentive offers in addition to customer service support to help you with any questions or problem.


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