What is Flipboard? 7 Great Things About it

What is Flipboard?

You’ve heard of it, but you still wonder — what is Flipboard?

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, Flipboard is a personalized magazine app that is designed for smartphones and tablets. It is also accessible from your PC, just not necessarily as useful on there.

Flipboard is a program designed to takes stories from all over the Internet, based on your interests, and deliver them to you in an attractive visual feed. It condenses them all into one easy-to-read format. It also has a few other interesting features which allow you to get creative and design your own magazines by adding stories that you find or those that you create yourself.

What is Flipboard and How Can You Use It?

1. Flipboard Gets Customized News

Whether you are interested in learning about the happenings in the world at large, the local fashions, or animal rights activities, Flipboard can help you to get up-to-date news on the topics of your choice.

What is Flipboard?To customize your newsfeed, you just need to select categories that interest you and that you want to read about. Unlike the old-style RSS aggregators, such as the now defunct Google Reader and Feedly, Flipboard pulls in content from a variety of websites. Using your preferences it feeds articles that are of interest to you.

It provides you with a subject range to read in and you no longer have to sort through a list of hundreds of thousands of blogs and news articles to find subject material of interest to you. The time management aspect alone will help you to get specialized, personalized information much quicker and easier than the old ways.

2. Flipboard is Attractive

Looking at Flipboard is like reading a magazine, except that you don’t have the dog-eared corners. It has a stylish and glossy magazine-like layout that makes it probably one of the most attractive looking aggregators out there. Its attractive layout makes it simple to read and navigate, and it looks amazing on an iPad.

3. Flipboard is Cross-Platform

For a long time, Flipboard was only available on iOS devices, but now it is available on almost anything. This means that, whether you’re using an iPad, Android tablet, or your PC, you can log in to your Flipboard account and get the same news. It doesn’t matter what device you’re using.

4. Flipbard Lets you Read it Later

How many times has a headline caught your eye, only you don’t have time to read it, then when you look for it later you can’t find it? One really nice thing about Flipboard is that it will let you save articles to read later. The Read Later feature is similar to bookmarking, it is a feature that allows you to highlight and save it for later viewing. Now you won’t lose that article just because you were in a hurry.

5. Flipboard is Social

By highlighting and saving stories that you find on Flipboard, you can create your own personal magazine of interesting articles that your friends and fans can subscribe to. This means that if you are interested in the latest updates on archaeological finds, you can put the articles of interest out there for others to see, as well. By sharing your articles with people you know, you can build a network of people with similar interests looking into the same kind of thing you are.

It’s easy to share your favorite articles with other Flipboarders by clicking on the social icon near the bottom of the display screen. Similar to other social media sites, when you click the social icon, you’re letting others know that you “like” the content.

6. Flipboard is Easy!

The best thing about Flipboard is how easy it is to use. No complicated procedures, no elaborate methods to save things, simply click on a few interests, find some friends, and get started reading.

There is no complicated set up, no URLs to write down or paste, and no technical know-how required. That’s the central selling point of Flipboard: it’s all the customization of other types of RSS readers without any of the fuss.

7. Publish a Magazine Yourself

The possibilities of what you can do with Flipboard are almost endless. It lets you save articles, apps, photos, and videos. If you want to download and save your family recipes, so you can publish them in your own magazine, then this is perfect. The customization features let you create a magazine for family, friends or the general public. Go crazy and have some fun.

Flipboard works on both Android and iOS formats. In iOS, the program opens like a regular app, but on Android you also have the option to set it up as a widget. Unfortunately, the widget doesn’t allow interaction beyond the refresh button, but it does at least add some personalization to your home screen.

What is flipboard? Flipboard is the perfect way for commuters to read the news on the morning train, or to get game highlights on Monday morning. What you do with it is entirely up to you.

Photo Credit: David Erickson