What is Flipboard, How Do I Use It?

What is Flipboard?

Flipboard is an easily downloadable app that gives you all you need to take your favorite content collected from the web and transform it into your very own personally styled magazine. Like a fabulous recipe that has all the fixings for a great meal, you decide what ingredients will provide you with reading enjoyment.

What is Flipboard?

Flipboard will let you gather all your favorites posted online and use your creativity and imagination to design a Flipboard Magazines style layout of your content for future viewing! As you browse and surf the Internet, and come across exciting stories or unusual and unique little treasures, snatch them up and save them in Flipboard. The content will be stored and formatted in such a way that when you view the display screen it will be just like reading your favorite magazine.

Variety is the spice of life and this applies to Flipboard, as well! In addition to saving textual content, you can also add your favorite apps or download family photos, news sites, videos, recipes and much more. When you create your own Flipboard account, you will be able to add custom features and also share your favorite picks with friends and family.

If you have special areas of interest or hobbies that you enjoy, you will be excited to learn that fellow Flipboarders will post their own creative magazines and happily share them with you! Whether you are an avid sports fan or art collector, the possibilities for discovering exciting content are right at your fingertips! It is as easy as tracking down all your favorites and subscribing to the selected magazines that have been openly shared by others for your enjoyment.

You Can Use Flipboard for Social Networking

Flipboard users can share their favorites with fellow Flipboarders by clicking on the social bar icon posted in the lower portion of their display screen. Similar to features found in popular social networking media sites, when you click the social bar icon you are sending a message to let others know that you enjoy and “like” the content.

Flipboard will let you create and post messages on your mobile device to connect and share with others on social networks. This feature can be used on tablets as well as mobile phones, so create, compose and enjoy! For those that are relatively new users and still navigating their way, Flipboard offers helpful suggestions and tips on their website to help you along as you connect with others.

Other Great Features of Flipboard

What is Flipboard Search? Now that you have downloaded the Flipboard app onto your device, take advantage of the Content Guide to further explore and discover all the best of the Web! The Search bar within Flipboard will help you quickly track down social blogs on networking sites, find a special person or locate information about a favorite subject.

What is Flipboard?If you are an avid user of RSS feeds, Flipboard will let you link up to them so that you can regularly enjoy your selected content. Editing tools within Flipboard will let you get creative and compose your own magazine cover. Select a favorite from your downloaded content and then easily transform that into your magazine cover by clicking on Flipboard’s share icon and selecting the “Promote to Cover” option.

What is Flipboard’s “Read Later” service and what can you do with it? When you are browsing and visiting some of your favorite pages, the Read Later feature is similar to bookmarking. It is a feature that allows you to highlight and save Web content for later viewing. The Read Later feature works well with the apps for Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability.

If you are feeling particularly creative, you can easily edit sections of your personalized magazine style content. Change the descriptive title or perhaps alter the category. If you are an avid fan of futuristic technology, that can be the new name of your Flipboard magazine. When others are browsing the Web for shared content posted by fellow Flipboard users, they will see your newly selected changes that you have chosen for your magazine.

Flipboard Offers Support and Guidance

Users that experience problems or may have questions will be happy to know that Flipboard has an online support section. There is a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) portion that highlights common areas and provides solutions. Simple and easy tips for doing things such as altering the font size for easier viewing is one example.

The FAQ section helps users choose from different regions and language options depending on their individual needs. The option of downloading the users’ Guide is offered through a posted link to download the PDF for future reference. Flipboard also offers users that may need additional assistance the option of emailing them directly for guided support.

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