What is Digital Landing and How Does It Help?

What is Digital Landing? - Your connected life, simplified.

Every magician needs an assistant, but in everyday life, we’re often on our own when it comes to performing tricks with our TV, Internet, phone, etc.

At Digital Landing, our goal is to be there for you, to walk you through tasks you might come across in your digital lifestyle.

Your connected life, simplified.

Which Articles Will Help You the Most?

From what some might consider simple tasks, like checking your Internet speed or improving your Netflix streaming to more advanced projects like hanging a flat-screen TV or setting up a home network, we try to make your life easier. Our writers will explain why any particular exercise will improve your life, and they’ll warn you about any obstacles you might face before — and after — completion.

While how-to articles often solve instant problems, we also provide you with comparison articles that help you make decisions that will affect your household for years. We help you decide which Internet service is better for you, from Cable Internet or DSL, to comparing specific providers against each other, like AT&T U-verse vs. Time Warner Cable.

But Digital Landing isn’t just about TV, Internet and Phone. As a matter of fact, we help you understand how technically advanced Home Security services are now now affordable, why energy deregulation saves you money or we explain some helpful hints for successful telecommuting.

Digital Landing Helps You Help Yourself

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The Digital Landing icon, represented by an 8-bit-house in a chat bubble, signifies our commitment to sharing and discussing ideas on how to improve your digital lifestyle.

We hope our content helps you solve problems in your day-to-day life, which is why we’ve created our “Learn” section, which houses all of our most recent articles. The articles are even broken out into subsections of TV, Internet, Phone, Energy and Home Services. We also provide you with a glossary to help you understand the industry’s terminology.

While these articles are meant to help you become informed, fix, or improve something, we also provide you with some tools to help you help yourself. Our Internet speed test gives you a good idea of what you should expect from your Internet Service Provider.

Our “Shop” page allows you to find out which providers in your area are offering great current deals on their services, and all you have to do is enter your street address to find out. You can also call and speak with someone about what options are available where you live.

By clicking on the “Providers” tab at the top, you’ll see all of the different brands that trust Digital Landing enough to allow us to offer our readers a comparative shopping experience.

The Digital Landing Blog Cabin

Finally, on our “Blog” page, our bloggers take a more casual look at technology news from a layman’s perspective.

  • Our resident grandmother, Kathleen C., discusses the issues and solutions she has come across as she tries to keep her household ready and able for everyone in her family.
  • Bill Wilson is an A+ certified computer specialist, and he has helped others enjoy technology to enrich their lives for decades.
  • Recent college graduate, Jessica Atkin, has a knack for fixing things herself – sometimes after she breaks things herself.
  • David Gonos is the content manager for Digital Landing, and he uses his blog space to discuss industry and site news, along with some of his favorite Netflix picks.

Not the End of the Beginning

Now that you’ve discovered Digital Landing, we want you to want to come back! As a matter of fact, we’d love to get some feedback from you as to how we could create an even better experience for you. We’re always open to suggestions for new topics, so let us know what you want to know! Just fill out the form below and make sure to include your email.

The bottom line for Digital Landing is helping the consumer save money, save time and save themselves from headaches, as they try to keep up with today’s digital lifestyle. It’s as easy as saying, “Abracadabra!”