What HBO Now on Apple TV Means for Streamers and Cord Cutters


Fans of original HBO content received some great news this week. Now, if you have Apple TV, you will no longer need a separate Cable TV subscription to be able to stream HBO content on an Apple device. Beginning in April, if you have an Apple device, you can start streaming the upcoming season of Game of Thrones and other popular HBO originals with HBO Now on Apple TV.

Subscription and Content Details for HBO Now

This new monthly subscription service is available for just $14.95 a month. HBO Now’s exclusive partnership with Apple TV is welcome news for those who have already cut the cord on their Cable TV subscription, as well as some current Cable TV subscribers. Subscribers to Comcast and some other providers have currently been unable to log into HBO’s existing streaming service, HBO Go.

HBO is making its entire catalog of content available for this new OTT monthly subscription service. This means that the content that will be available for streaming with HBO Now on Apple TV will include all past, current and future seasons and episodes of all HBO original programs, and their line up of TV shows, programs and smash hit films that first made the company so popular with viewers.

Currently, anyone with an Apple device will be able to sign up for the new HBO Now service and be able to stream HBO originals. This exclusive partnership only includes the first three months after the launch of the product.

Limitations: Yes, You Will Need an Apple Device to Use HBO Now — At least in the Beginning

While you won’t be able to subscribe and stream content via HBO Now if you don’t have an Apple device, don’t panic. As our readers may remember, the original HBO Go app was first launched in exclusive partnership with Apple TV in 2013. Originally, only Cable TV subscribers whose provider had a partnership with HBO, and had Apple TV, could stream HBO original programming on their Apple device for several months.

Eventually, the HBO Go service became available to Cable TV subscribers that logged in and streamed HBO content across their other devices that are compatible with the PC or Android platforms. So, while you will need an Apple device to be able to take advantage of the new HBO Now service in the beginning, it is still possible that HBO will make the HBO Now service available and compatible with other programming partners and devices later, even though no plans to do so have currently been announced.

HBO Now on Apple TV: Bonuses and Extra Savings

In addition to announcing their exclusive partnership, it was also announced this week that the price for Apple TV has been currently lowered from $99 to $69. For a limited time, streamers who subscribe to HBO Now will also receive the first month of their subscription at no charge.

How Does HBO Now Stack Up to Its Competition

With its new HBO Now service, HBO is entering a crowded field of other streaming content providers. The competition includes companies that are known primarily for providing streaming content and original programs, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, as well as traditional Network TV providers such as CBS All Access and the new Sling TV service which gives subscribers access to live TV via 16 Traditional Cable TV Channels for just $20 a month.

As more companies begin to offer their own OTT streaming services, the question that is beginning to form in the minds of many streamers is whether it’s “worth it” to continue adding subscriptions from multiple providers of streaming content, or if they would be better off going back to a traditional Cable TV provider to watch their favorite programs? In the beginning, providers that offered streaming saw rapid growth among frugal consumers that were looking for ways to obtain entertainment but save money by cutting out their Cable TV bill. Subscribing to one or more streaming providers can still be a great way for cord cutters to save money, but only if they subscribe to just a few streaming providers. Of course, with providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu now offering their own award-winning and innovative original programs, it’s difficult to see millions of streamers suddenly giving up access to the new content provided by these streaming companies and going back to only having a traditional Cable TV subscription.

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