What Can the New Apple Watch Do For You?


We’ve been waiting for months and we have now seen the big reveal of the new Apple Watch! Now the big question is – what did we learn about it?

We didn’t really learn as much as we had hoped, but we did pick up a few things.

New Apple Watch: An Innovative First

Last year, Apple released a software development kit which allowed app-makers to create apps that would be available for use on the watch at its launch. This is a whole new approach in that they released the technology before the product. That means that there will actually be more than just a few primary apps for you to use when you get the new Apple Watch.

Let the Countdown Begin

Like many other Apple products, they have given us a release date but also a date for pre-order and previews. The actual product is set to be available on April 24th, but you can get your pre-order in starting on April 10th, that is also when you should be able to stop into your local Apple store and see what the watch actually looks like.

Apple Watch will first be available to Apple fans in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan. Other countries are slated to get releases later in the year.

What We Know

We already knew that the Apple Watch is a whole new realm of technology for Apple. It is being labeled as wearable tech, but it is nothing like the previous ‘wearable’ tech we had seen. The new Apple Watch will run on its own technology and have its own applications that allow it to work with iPhones and existing iOS technology. We also know that Apple was working hard to avoid the large clunky stigma that was already attached to previous computer based watches such as the calculator watches.

The new Apple Watch is supposed to be a wearable piece of technology that will fit in with everyone’s idea of comfort and fashion.

The Basics

There are three different models in a variety of colors:

  • Watch SportThis will be a customized aluminum alloy available in Silver or Space Gray. The band will be a high performance plastic with a variety of colors. Pricing will start at $349.
  • WatchThis unit will have a steel case and a wide variety of bands. Pricing will start at $549 and up, with pricing varying based upon the band.
  • Watch EditionThis high end Watch will have an 18-karat cold case and will start at a mere $10, 000 with options bringing it as high as $17,000.

The new Apple Watch will work on an iOS 8.2 interface and should be fully compatible with your iPhone, provided you have upgraded your iOS. It also has an estimated 18 hour life.

It comes out April 24th, but can be pre-ordered as of April 10th

What the New Apple Watch Can Do

The latest version of Apple Watch will let you communicate over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your iPhone. Because it also uses Wi-Fi, you don’t need to be in Bluetooth range, just in the same Wi-Fi network. Your iPhone can be used to download for the Watch from the forth coming Apple Watch store, giving you better interaction ability between the two devices.

A few of the more useful apps currently available are Uber, weather, stock information, Instagram and Apple Pay. You can even use Siri, just like you do with your iPhone. Just like your iPhone you can track your fitness, check Facebook and even answer calls or texts. Basically it is your iPhone in wrist size. Almost anything your iPhone can do, it can do in some capacity.

The customizable watch face lets you personalize your Apple Watch to reflect your personality and to put the apps you want within your reach.

You can also communicate across Apple Watches. Sketches, notes, or even your heartbeat can be sent directly from your Watch to a friends Watch or even their iPhone. The Apple watch makes instant communication easy. Simply bring up your ‘friend wheel’ select your friend and send your message, as long as they are your friend it will automatically connect with them.

So What Does It Really Do?

With iPhones getting bigger and bigger they are getting more inconvenient to handle, especially if you are a small person with little hands. This eliminates the need to handle your iPhone for every little task, now you can do a quick check on your updates and respond without having to juggle the big 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus out of your pocket or case.