What Can Mediacom TV Guide Do For You?


Quite simply, the Mediacom TV Guide is the easy way to view television. With the simple push of a button, everyone’s day gets a lot easier. The Mediacom TV guide is controlled by your remote, which makes your viewing experience more convenient, and more conducive to the lifestyle of the average TV viewer. It allows you to choose and record your programs to your DVR, and make parental blocks, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Parental Controls

Do you have children in the house? Use the guide to place parental locks on things they probably shouldn’t be seeing, using a 4-digit PIN, and then feel free to get more information on the programs you blocked by using the “info” button on your remote. The Mediacom TV guide gives you all the information that you need to make the best programming decisions for you and your family. You can also use your remote to set a reminder for a program or find out when it plays next, and order something through Pay-Per-View in the interim.

Simplicity at its Best

The Mediacom TV guide is simple to find and it can be accessed by pressing “guide” on your remote. Then hit “exit” to watch the menu disappear instantly, leaving you with your last program. While you’re in the guide, there will be some icons on the bottom of your screen, they are there to help you search more quickly and efficiently. They take you to different places in the guide, like “Favorites” and “Movies.” Of course, once you find a program, highlight it and press “okay.” You will now see a list of icons below it. These icons will let you place parental locks, record the program, or schedule a recording or view it.

While “exit” works and gets you out of the guide, you can also back up one screen at a time using the “last” button on your remote. As you change channels, there is a bar that comes up on the screen, this will tell you information about each program that you have landed on. This includes the channel number, the name of the program, start times, end times, a general synopsis of the program content, characters, the year it came out, and the rating.

On Demand

You can access On Demand shows by pressing channel one, using the icons on the bottom of the screen or via the main menu, which you can get to by pressing ‘Menu’ on your remote. Free movies are in a category of their own. The rest of your options are scattered, though pay-per-view features are often displayed in order of importance so that you can click on any one of the programs to buy it for the corresponding time slot.

The guide comes standard with reminders for pay-per-view slots, so you can record the rest of your favorite sitcom and bounce over to pay-per-view, or keep watching the sitcom and record the event. Your TV guide also offers programs for the weather, digital music and program listings by category and genre. Search On Demand for repeats of TV shows, and new programs that come out the same day that they come out on DVD.


VCR’s are back in the game…well, sort of, back enough for Mediacom to take notice. You can actually record a VHS tape using the Mediacom Interactive Guide. It walks you through the process, step by step, and syncs video and audio for perfect clarity, provided you worked the VCR right and followed the manufacturer’s instructions for recording a program onto a VHS tape. All too many times in the old days, the dog (or your child) changed the channel and you recorded a marathon of local weather updates until the tape ran out. The Mediacom Interactive Guide is now both dog proof and human proof, it will stop the recording when the channel is changed.

Mediacom TV Guide Troubleshooting

Sometimes your receiver won’t respond to the remote. Are you sure the cable is on? Press “cable” on the top of your remote, then “power” and try again. If it still doesn’t work, press CHAN56 on your remote. If it doesn’t work, try changing the batteries, that’s a simple fix. If CHAN56 works, then there is something wrong and you should call your cable company. Only they can verify if there are problems in your area. Without cable, the On Demand Guide will not work.

Mediacom TV Guide is the easy way to watch television. You can check out the deals Mediacom is offering right now, and find out if they service your area by going to our deals page.


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