What Are Your Options with Dish Network?

Dish Network Satellite TV Offers Many Choices

Dish Network provides Satellite TV service to more than 14 million customers throughout their North American service area. When Satellite TV service first started being sold, customers experienced reception problems during heavy storms, especially when the wind and rain was extremely heavy. Service providers and hardware vendors have corrected the problems that caused these drops in service and now, only the worst storms are able to knock service out.

Dish has led the way in rolling out equipment upgrades and providing more package options to keep customer satisfaction high. Customers also have several options for watching their favorite shows.

Large Selection of Package Options for Your Service

Subscribers have seven advertised television packages to choose from when selecting service with the company. Prices range from about $20 a month for just over 55 channels, to about $75 a month, for the first 12 months, for about 300 channels. All Dish Network subscribers have access to some of the most popular TV networks including:

  • Nickelodeon
  • Cooking Channel
  • CBS Sports Network
  • Local network programming
  • Blockbuster @Home for free
  • HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME, and STARZ free for three months

Subscribers to their “America’s Top 120” package (around $25 a month) have access to close to 200 channels. After the initial 12-month subscription period, the price goes up to about $45 a month. This package adds another group of popular networks, including the following:

  • USA Network
  • CNN
  • CMT
  • Multiple Disney Channels
  • ESPN
  • E!
  • Free Dish Hopper Whole Home High-Def DVR

The Dish Hopper is an amazing DVR that has received a lot of media attention for many of its groundbreaking features.

For those that want even more, there is the “America’s Top 250” package for the low introductory price of around $40 a month. After the initial 12-month introductory period, the price goes up to about $70 per month. Along with all the channels/networks available with the lower priced packages, including all of your local programming, subscribers will have access to even more of the most watched networks, such as:

  • The Movie Channel (TMC)
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Network
  • H2
  • Nicktoons
  • Cartoon Network
  • ABC Family
  • And many more

For those that want everything, there’s the “America’s Everything” package. Subscribers to this package will have access to just about 300 channels. This package starts around $75 a month for the first 12 months, after which it goes up to about $105 a month. This package takes HBO, Cinemax. Showtime, and STARZ from the “free for three months” category and then they move into the “included in the subscription price” category.

Things to Make Note of

When you go to sign up for one of these channel packages at Dish Network, you need to remember that the prices quoted are for the first 12 months of service. You should also remember that in order to receive the great low prices mentioned here and listed on the website, you have to sign a contract for a minimum of two years. You also have to enroll in the company’s Autopay with Paperless billing program. There will also be extra fees for DVR and receiver rentals. Finally, you have to be a new subscriber to Dish Network that is specially qualified to receive these prices.

Watch Subscribed Channels Over the Internet and On the Go

If you’ve only got one or two televisions or receivers in the house, but three or more people with different viewing tastes, the “odd man out” used to be out of luck! He/she had to watch what the others were watching. If you have a High Speed Internet connection, that isn’t the case anymore. Log on to the special DishOnline.com website, and you can watch any network that is available with your subscription on your desktop or laptop computer.

Subscribers that own i-devices or Android tablets can also watch everything that they are subscribed to with their portable devices, either at home, or on the go. If you plan on making use of any of the Internet TV watching options, be sure to ask your sales rep for your special username and password when you sign up for service.

Bundle Your Services and Pay Just One Bill

Service bundling has become the big thing these days. Back when Satellite TV service first became available at the consumer level, you only had one or two package options and those options only included television service with maybe as many as 50 or 60 channels available.

Now, Dish Network subscribers have access to well over 300 channels, as well as a number of HiFi stereo music channels. Now, just like with the Cable TV operators, subscribers can bundle High Speed Internet and Home Phone service. Doing so, they can make their lives easier by having only one discounted bill for all of the household communications needs. Type in your street address in the top-right corner of this page to see the Cable TV and Satellite TV offers in your area, including Dish Network.