Welcoming Time Warner Cable TV in Kentucky

Cable TV in Kentucky

Time Warner Cable’s recent acquisition of Insight Communications means that customers with digital services in the Bluegrass state are getting bills from a new company. But unless they have a long-term contract, people should have several choices at their disposal now for Cable TV in Kentucky.

Customers in Kentucky, have the option to get a triple-play bundle from Time Warner Cable, consisting of Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Home Phone services for a relatively low price right now.

If you don’t live in Kentucky, you can also check what digital service providers are available in your area.

Choices Abound with Cable TV in Kentucky

Competition is always a good thing and customers will want to see which of these other services are available in their area: AT&T U-verse, Cincinnati Bell, Clear, Comcast, Dish Network, Earthlink, Mediacom, Suddenlink, Time Warner Cable and Windstream.

Many of those providers offer great deals on one, two or all three services, along with DVRs, installation and other features.

The same pricing concept works for most of these providers, in that the more services you sign up for with them, the more money you’ll end up saving in the long run.

Cable TV in Kentucky, with Internet and Phone

Also, with most of these providers, customers will get hundreds of channels, depending on the packages they sign up for, as well as dozens of high-definition channels.

Those with smartphones and tablets will also be glad to know they’ll be able to watch many TV shows and movies through their provider’s app. In some cases, like with Time Warner Cable, customers can stream live programming to their mobile devices.

Customers will also get to choose what Internet speed they’d prefer. Many that just check email and just surf the web casually might not want a high-bandwidth package, like a person that plays a lot of games online or watches and downloads a lot of content, like movies and music.

Where Time Warner Cable is naturally stronger in the televisions services area, AT&T obviously offers more robust telephone services. But both are available at reasonable prices, as are all of these providers, and with mostly the same calling features.

Check the following Kentucky cities to see which digital service providers are now available in your area:

As mentioned, you don’t even have to stick with Cable TV providers, like Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Mediacom. You might be ready to make the switch to Satellite TV, with Dish Network.

Again, searching for a provider in your area, whether it’s Kentucky or not, is the easiest way to find out which services are available -– and what offers you can currently get.

Photo Credit: J. Stephen Conn