Wear Smart Earbuds To Enhance Your Workouts and Fitness Routines


If you are on the lookout for the latest trends in wearable fitness technology gadgets, then check out the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones. Portable and lightweight, these Smart Earbuds need no cumbersome batteries as they are powered by the energy produced by the audio jack output on your mobile phone. Fitness gurus can use the earbuds to monitor their heart rate and calories burned while enjoying their favorite tunes during a workout.

Biometric Sensors Track Fitness Data

Athletes as well as those seeking to get in shape will be inspired to higher levels of dedication during their fitness routines while wearing the Smart Earbuds. The design of the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones incorporates biometric sensors that will expertly track your heart rate as you progress through your workout.

Enjoy the comfort of lightweight in-ear headphones during your workout that do not require you to keep track of batteries that may need occasional recharging or replacement. The Smart Earbuds are expertly designed with a 3.5 mm gold-plated audio jack that takes over the responsibility of providing power to keep wearers connected while enjoying their favorite tunes.

The technology that supports this function is quite innovative as it relies entirely on the power source of the user’s smartphone or mobile device. Derived from the energy output that is produced through the audio jack, the Smart Earbuds are provided with the necessary boost needed to power the unit and the biometric sensor during your workouts.

Additional Product Features and Options

Additional highlights and product features of the biometric sensor includes a pedometer as well as an accelerometer that works toward the reduction and removal of noise levels. The advanced technology has the capability to eliminate noise signals produced by ambient light and physical movement when the body is in motion while exercising.

Rated at IPX4, exercise enthusiasts that work out in all kinds of weather will appreciate that the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones are resistant to water as well as sweat. The Smart Earbuds are compatible with the widely used RunKeeper fitness app, which you can download onto your smartphone and use to design your own exercise routine.

Your packaged product will include a protective neoprene carrying case, an in-line microphone with a tangle-free cord, an owner’s manual and product brochure, and three sizes of ear gels (small, medium and large). The Smart Earbuds sensor for the BioSport Heart rate monitor is compatible with multiple devices as posted on the SMS Audio site, which includes Apple iPhones, the LG Nexus 5, Motorola Moto X, and the Samsung Galaxy.

Intel and SMS Audio’s Joint Partnership: Smart Earbuds

The creative genius that inspired the design of the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones evolved from the joint partnership of Intel in collaboration with SMS Audio. Artistic inspiration was provided by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, a well-known hip hop artist who has been involved in developing and marketing headphones for SMS Audio since 2011.

Follow-up support is available to consumers that purchase the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones directly from the SMS Audio website. Users can visit SMS Audio for additional product and warranty information, registration, user manuals, and quick start guides. SMS Audio provides additional guidance to users on its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, where consumers can find helpful information on a variety of topics.

Current promotional offers at the time of this article when ordering the Smart Earbuds directly from SMS Audio online include free shipping and a free one-month trial subscription to RunKeeper Elite. Color choice options as posted on the SMS Audio site include blue, yellow, and gray. Purchase a set of SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones to help you get motivated and stick to your resolution to start a new exercise or workout routine to get in tip top shape.