Ways to Watch NFL on the Go


Need to watch NFL on the go? You’ve got the jersey laid out. The beer, chips, crackers, and salsa are all cooling in the fridge, the wings are seasoned and waiting to pop into the oven, and the phone rings. It’s your boss. There’s a problem at the office and he needs you there an hour ago. Wait, your team is playing their biggest rivals and there’s no TV at the office. What do you do? Never fear. Just grab your mobile device and launch an app.

Just Want Scores and Updates?

For those who can’t launch an app and watch the whole game, or just want scoring updates and highlights, check out the ScoreCenter app from ESPN. The ScoreCenter app is like a tiny SportsCenter for your mobile device. With just a few clicks, you can configure the app to either give you all scoring updates, or just those for the teams and games that interest you the most. This one’s pretty cool for keeping up with your team while watching another game, also. I might start using this one to keep up with football while NASCAR is going. The app is available for all three major mobile platforms.

Verizon Customers Have a Few Options

Last week I reported on the fact that Verizon is giving their More Everything customers free access to the NFL Mobile app. They also allow their other customers access for only $5 a month. The NFL Mobile app gives you access to scores, highlights, and NFL news. There’s also the ability to watch highlights during the game, for those times when you just can’t get enough of that awesome play. Oh, and yeah, you can also watch NFL on the go with it. Yes, that means full games.

The NFL Lets You Watch NFL on the Go

The NFL has seen the writing on the wall and is pushing out a number of mobile apps for football lovers across the country. They have a wealth of mobile apps for everyone. Whether you just want to keep up with your fantasy league, scores and highlights, or watch full games, there’s an app for that. Prices on these apps vary depending on which one and which payment option (six monthly payments or all at once) you opt for. Apps are available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Watch NFL on the Go with the CBSSports App

CBSSports.com has three apps for football lovers. Draft Kit is the go-to for Fantasy Football league players to let you draft intelligently. Fantasy is for keeping up with your fantasy league. There’s also an option to help hone your drafting talents with mock drafts.

The granddaddy app though, is the CBS Sports app. Get scores and stats at the speed of light. Watch every CBS Sports event live on your mobile device, including football. There are also on demand video and expert analysis. The main CBS Sports app is available for BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. Fantasy isn’t available on Windows Phone yet, and Draft Kit is only available on iOS and Android. Oh, and you can also watch any games that CBS carries from their site.

Fox Sports Go

Every game that is televised on Fox Sports can be watched three ways: On your TV, on your computer, and on your mobile device. If you’re away from home but have access to a decent Internet connection, surf on over to the Fox Sports site and find the link to the game you want to watch. However, what about those that may be on the road? Not to worry as Fox Sports also has the Fox Sports Go app available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle Fire. Sorry BlackBerry users.

Watch ABC Online or on Your Mobile Device

If memory serves, the only NFL games on ABC are Monday Night Football, but who can live without football on Monday night? I know I can’t. When I’m away from a TV but have access to either a computer with a good Internet connection or I have my mobile, I don’t have to miss the game and neither do you.

Don’t Forget NBC!

Who can forget NBC Sports? To be honest, anyone who likes college football, since NBC doesn’t carry the games this year. However, if you’re into college football like I am, the NBC Sports Live Extra page in indispensable. For NFL lovers, there’s also Fantasy league news and updates. For those on the go, the NBC Sports mobile app lets you watch over 400 live sporting events a year, from NCAA through the European Premiere Soccer (Football) League.

Photo Credit: Blackroc