6 Top Sites to Watch Movies Online Free

Watch Movies Online Free

Several sites, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime, offer viewers a way to watch popular movies and other programming online and for a low cost, but there are also several websites that allow viewers to watch movies online free.

In the past, viewers often had to turn to shady, questionable sites that might not have been entirely legal to stream or download movies online. Now, there are several websites that offer free online movies that are legal to download or stream.

For viewers that are looking for a way to step out of the shadows, the following are some websites that legally offer free movies that can either be downloaded and watched later, or streamed and viewed in real time.

Crackle - Watch Movies Online Free


Crackle offers hundreds of full-length, uncut movies for viewers to watch for free. Viewers can also create “watch lists” to be notified of the availability of their favorite movies and TV shows, as well as favorites lists.

There are a few drawbacks to this service, namely that viewers do have to watch short commercials before viewing, and need to register and login to the site before they can watch videos.

Most movies will stream via the website’s flash player, but a few select programs will require the download of a special app before they can be viewed. Also, not all content is available for viewing outside of the United States, and some movies are only available for viewing for a limited time. Still, this site is a great way to legally watch movies online free.


Viewster is a website that works in a similar way as Crackle. This site offers hundreds of full-length, uncut movies for viewers to watch for free and shares some of the same inconveniences that one experiences on the Crackle site. Like Crackle, Viewster users must create an account and login to watch movies online at the site, as well as watch a few short commercials during the movie.

Both sites have a wide selection of genres available for viewing, from thrillers, dramas, comedies, romance, action and adventure, mystery and nearly everything in between. Both Crackle and Viewster also have social plugins available so that viewers can rate, like and share their viewing activity with their friends.


Before Hulu Plus began offering a wide selection of movies and other programming via subscription service, there was Hulu. Hulu still offers free online movies and other programming, but the selection is now much more limited since the advent of the enhanced Hulu Plus version of the site.

Hulu viewers can also watch popular TV programs at the site in addition to streaming full length online movies. Trailers of upcoming movies and new releases are also available for users of the original Hulu service to stream at no charge.

Lauren Bacall - Humphrey Bogart - Henry Fonda


For viewers that enjoy older, black and white, or even silent movies, Archive is a great site to watch classic movies and documentaries that are now in the public domain.

Fans of classic actors and actresses like Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and Lauren Bacall will enjoy the ability to stream their favorite video classics at will and for free. The content on the site also offers viewers some insight into how the technical production of movie making has changed over the years.

You can also watch older newsreels from WWII and other historical documentaries, so the site is particularly valuable to both history and theater buffs.

Network Broadcasting Websites

Most of the major broadcast networks, including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and the CW, make at least some of their televised programs available for free viewing online. But many of these broadcasters also offer a limited number of free movies. You can find these movies and other free programming by going to the specific network’s website and searching their online listings.

Of course, there are other websites than just the six that are highlighted in this article, offering viewers the ability to watch movies online free, but not all of those sites are free of spyware and spam or even completely legal.

Viki - 6 Top Sites to Watch Movies Online Free


While most free online movie sites allow viewers to watch either American or UK produced movies, Viki is a rare exception. This site allows viewers to stream thousands of popular, full length Asian dramas from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, Bollywood movies, as well as numerous Manga, Anime, and telenovelas online for free.

When choosing a method to watch movies online free, it is important to choose sites that are both legal and less likely to contain malware that might harm your PC or other device. Subscription sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Redbox and Hulu Plus also offer the ability to watch movies online, for just a small annual or monthly fee.


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