Do Do That VUDU Movies: 8 Reasons Why VUDU is Awesome

8 Reasons For VUDU Movies

Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime — All of them have their selling points, but in many ways they are more or less interchangeable when it comes to the content being offered and the details of how their services operate. VUDU movies, however, are moving quickly to the forefront and even setting the standards for the future of home entertainment.

Its acquisition by Walmart makes VUDU movies even more accessible to a wider, mainstream clientele, which means that we’ll likely see the other major video-on-demand providers trying to match pace in the near future.

8 Reasons You Should Do VUDU Movies

So, what’s so special about VUDU movies, you ask?

1. No Monthly Fees

Unlike other streaming providers, VUDU follows the old brick-and-mortar business model of paying for each rental individually. You then have 24 hours to watch that rental as many times as you want, even across multiple devices.

2. HDX

VUDU’s proprietary “TruFilm” conversion process (which includes “film grain preservation”) retains the same visual quality you get from going to the cinema. VUDU movies are always encoded at the highest quality possible, allowing viewers to see — and hear — them as they were intended. Currently, the industry standard for HD is 1080p24. This means that the images are given the same quality of resolution as their original format, and that they are shown at 24 frames per second, which is the frame rate for film. The audio, Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, is equally superior.

3. Same Day/Early Release. 

Unlike other VoD providers, VUDU movies are available the same day as they are released on DVD. Many of them are even available for streaming before the official DVD release.

4.“Red Dwarf” 

VUDU has all 10 series of the BBC sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, along with other popular series from other television networks, including HBO’s Game of Thrones, Showtime’s Dexter and Starz’s DaVinci’s Demons. Of course, there is also the beloved Dr Who along with scores of other of your favorite TV shows. 

5. Own Your Favorites

VUDU allows you to purchase certain titles to keep for your very own. This is something Netflix used to do with their DVD assets at one time, but they quit doing that several years ago. When you own a VUDU title, you can watch it at any time, on up to three separate devices simultaneously.

6. Disc to Digital

This unique service allows you to upload any of the titles you currently own on DVD or Blu-Ray to be stored on the VUDU cloud (UltraViolet). Not only are these titles safe from harm, they are also available to stream whenever you like on any compatible device. The cost is very reasonable, even for HDX conversion and well worth it for anyone who travels a lot for work.

7. UltraViolet

All your VUDU movies (or TV shows) are stored forever in this virtual library, which you can access at any time. The account is free and automatically linked to your VUDU account. You can even store purchases made from other services such as iTunes (provided VUDU already has distribution rights to that particular title), and of course your existing DVD/Blu-Ray purchases can be uploaded here for a very small fee.

8. Bonus Features

Watching VUDU movies is just like watching a disc, but without all the things that can go wrong with a DVD — like the dreaded “skipping over damaged area” error message — that can inhibit your enjoyment. With the VUDU player, you can fast forward, skip to a certain chapter, have the movie pick up where you left off if you didn’t finish watching, and even watch the bonus features that the filmmakers included.

Of course, not every movie has anything extra to offer, but when a movie does have some neat little behind-the-scenes add-ons, you want to be able to watch them, particularly if you’ve purchased the title.

Like its competitors, VUDU movies are available on most Internet-compatible devices, including the game consoles Xbox One and PS4. New customers (who set up an account before January 31st) get five HDX movies for free to put into their permanent UltraViolet library.