Vonage Phone: A Low Cost Option

Vonage Phone is a Cheap Home Phone Option

Anyone looking for a low-cost option to replace their landline phone needs to take a look at Vonage Phone. A reputable company, Vonage provides an inexpensive voice over IP (VoIP) service that operates over a home’s broadband Internet connection. The company offers a wide range of plans that include local calls, domestic and international long distance, as well as 911 emergency service.

Vonage has been providing phone service in the United States since 2001. Since then, the company expanded its reach to both Canada and the United Kingdom. They currently serve nearly 2.5 million subscribers with both a home service and a mobile app for the iPhone, iPad, and the Android platform that offers video calling among other features. Vonage’s mobile app provides service over Wi-Fi in addition to 3G and 4G networks.

Vonage Phone Features and Services

Getting started with the Vonage service is a relatively easy process. New subscribers can either sign up on the Vonage website, or they can talk to an operator over the phone. After signing up for one of their calling plans, Vonage sends their VoIP device, called the Vonage Box to the residence. The set up process simply involves plugging the Vonage Box into either the cable or DSL modem, followed by plugging in a standard phone into the Vonage Box. Vonage provides all the necessary cables.

vonage phone

The Vonage Box includes two jacks, so a subscriber can connect either two phones or a phone and a fax machine to the box. Connecting a cordless phone to the Vonage Box is a great way to use even more phones with the system. A computer isn’t necessary with Vonage, but it makes it a lot easier to manage the phone account to add or change services.

Most current phone numbers are able to be transferred to a new Vonage service. It usually takes about 7-10 days to transfer a number, with a temporary phone number used in the interim. Vonage also collects a Network Availability Number from the customers to forward phone calls to in the event of a power or Internet outage which disables the Vonage service.

Other standard phone service features are come standard with Vonage. These include Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Caller ID, and Three-Way Calling; Caller ID blocking is another option. Vonage’s unique Voicemail Plus feature emails the subscriber when someone leaves a voice mail, with the actual recording attached to the email.

Vonage Phone Domestic Calling Plans

Vonage provides a variety of calling plans to its customers, ranging from a bare-bones option for domestic calling, all the way to full-fledged international plans. There is probably a Vonage calling plan to fit any budget. All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee and the ability to add an extension for only $4.99 per month.

Each of Vonage’s three domestic plans provides outbound local and long distance calling across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The most inexpensive plan is U.S. and Canada 300, which costs $11.99 per month, providing 300 minutes of free calling per month with overage minutes charged at five cents each. For $19.99 per month, the U.S. and Canada 750 plan ups the free minute allocation to 750 per month, while lowering the overage charge to 3.9 cents per minute.

U.S. and Canada Unlimited is Vonage’s most expensive domestic calling plan, priced at $24.99 per month after an initial three-month discount period at $9.99 per month. As hinted at in the plan name, it offers unlimited local and long distance calling in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. All three plans have an early termination fee for the first year, and each feature has an option for international calling to a select number of countries.

Vonage Phone International Calling Plans

Vonage also offers three primary international calling plans. Vonage World is the most popular, priced at $25.99 per month after a three month discounted rate of $9.99 per month. It features unlimited calling to landlines in 60 different countries as well as unlimited calling to mobile phones in ten countries.

For $39.99 per month after the discount period, Vonage World Mexico Sin Limites offers the same features as World, with the addition of unlimited local and long distance calling to landlines and mobiles in Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Vonage Unlimited to Globe Phillipines provides unlimited calling to all Globe numbers in the Phillipines in addition to the same features as Vonage World for $29.99 per month.

All Vonage calling plans feature Vonage Extensions which essentially allows a subscriber to use their Vonage account and minutes on their mobile phone. For users with unlimited accounts, this is a great way to save mobile phone minutes and to avoid roaming fees when traveling abroad. It is also great in areas with Wi-Fi but poor cellular coverage.

Vonage is an excellent option for anyone looking to save money on their Home Phone costs. The additional features provided by Vonage Extensions and Voicemail Plus make the service even more attractive. Most importantly, the Vonage Phone sound quality is great.