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949 Benefits Creators, Users is a website that offers a unique platform for users to upload videos and independent films, as well as watch and rate the videos that others have uploaded. There are currently three levels of service for video creators: Basic Vimeo, Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Pro.

How Works

Vimeo has millions of members from all over the globe, with users ranging from amateur photographers that just upload and share their favorite home videos to professionals that wish to share their work directly with the public. Noah Kalina’s popular “Everyday” video montage and Brittany Spears’ hit single, “Radar,” were first made available for viewing on Vimeo.

Users that just want to stream and watch videos still need to join basic Vimeo, which is free. Videos are seen without in-video ads, which is in sharp contrast to other video sharing and viewing sites, such as YouTube.

Users can access their Vimeo account and stream videos using their regular computer or laptop, as well as access it through apps on their smartphone, onto their TVs via Xbox 360 and other gaming consoles, or even onto their TV via Roku. Users must disable their privacy setting on their Firefox or Chrome browser to be able to access the site.

While many videos are free to watch regardless of which level of service a user subscribes to, Vimeo has a new service, Vimeo On Demand, which allows users to pay to see certain films. Vimeo On Demand is a partnership between and independent filmmakers with most of the proceeds going directly to the video creator.

Vimeo also provides helpful tools and tutorials in the Vimeo Video School to help anyone learn how to create better videos. Topics include helpful articles and videos on editing, filming, DSLR, shooting, sound and more.

Vimeo also makes it easy for users to search for videos that they want to see. Users can search for videos based on category, such as documentary, art, HD music videos and more, or by searching the directory. There are also channels that contain videos with a certain theme for each channel, as well as groups that follow certain films or creators. Users can also follow creators directly so that they can receive updates directly from the creator of a certain video, and even message them directly.

Users that just want to upload their videos for storage or just to share with a few close friends and relatives can also easily do so, as users can control who is allowed to see what they have uploaded to the site.

How Basic Vimeo Works

To watch videos, users must join at least Basic Vimeo, even if they do not wish to upload any videos. Users are only allowed to have one account, and they must login at least once a year in order to keep their basic account in an “active” status and to avoid being deleted. For users that wish to upload videos, the basic account gives each user the ability to store up to 500 MB each week, the ability to upload, in regular format, 10 videos a day and one video each week in the HD format.

Users can also create one channel and one group, as well as three albums and can download video files that they have converted. This free service also enables some basic video embedding capabilities.

How Vimeo Plus Works

Vimeo Plus is just $9.99 a month, before taxes. This service level provides all the same benefits as Basic Vimeo, with a few upgrades.

Users can upload up to 5 GB of video each week, and all the videos that they upload can be in HD, instead of just one a week.

All videos that are uploaded are converted to two-pass encoding, which improves the visual quality of the video. While basic Vimeo doesn’t have in-video ads, banner ads are still allowed.

With Vimeo Plus, users will not see banner ads anywhere on Vimeo. Vimeo Plus also allows unlimited HD embedded plays and a video player that can be fully customized, as well as full control of where the videos can be embedded. Users can also create an unlimited number of channels, groups and albums. The service also comes with a four-hour response time to support questions during their business hours and users also have the option to preserve their original source files and not just the converted files. This service is a good choice for users that will frequently upload videos, or that need a larger amount for storage.

How Vimeo Pro Works

If users wish to upload videos with a commercial purpose, or need a host for their company’s business videos, then Video Pro is the service level that users will want to choose. Vimeo Pro is currently $199 a year, before taxes. It offers significant differences in storage and usage over basic Vimeo and Vimeo Plus.

Vimeo Pro subscribers can upload up to 20 GB a week and 1040 GB a year with video conversion, unlimited playback in HD on any compatible device, pages with unlisted video reviews that can be kept private, no banner ads for users or viewers, an unlimited number of portfolio sites that can be customized for users to show off their work and the ability to create an unlimited number of albums, groups, or channels, just like Vimeo Plus users. The time to receive a response to a request for support is also significantly shorter, at 1 hour during business hours and just one day on holidays or weekends. There are several additional benefits, including the ability to earn tips of appreciation or to sell the work through Vimeo On Demand.

Whether you are just looking for a way to enjoy cutting edge, independent films directly from the creator, need a place to store your home videos so you can share with friends or are a professional film maker, has a service level that right for nearly anyone.