Verve 2: Plug In, Connect, Create and Play


Verve 2 is an innovative device designed to please computer programming gurus and techies as well as anyone with a desire to plug in to the digital world to explore, create and interact with some nifty games and amazing apps.

The Amazing Things Verve 2 Can Do

Users can do some amazing things with this device. The product provides users with multiple capabilities that include using the system for controlling apps and engaging in interactive games. The package comes with numerous sensors that can be used with the provided apps to convert them into a keyboard or mouse and even connect to the Internet. The product can also be used to gather research data that can be monitored and tracked while being collected.

InXus Interactive providers users with free access to downloads for a quick start guide as well as the Verve user manual and Verve mapper apps for both Windows and Mac OS on their company site. The friendly Verving 101 guide offers some helpful hints and tips on to set up, plug in and get your device connected for action. The simple instructions include an overview for how to play some fun games and use the apps for different applications.

The Genius of Product Development

Just how Verve 2 came into existence is fascinating within itself. This amazing product was developed by several team members of the company inXus Interactive. The genius behind the conception of the product includes University of California Irvine (UCI) students Nizan Friedman and Jordan Linford. While attending UCI, Friedman and Linford collaborated together while working on designing sensor systems and games to be used on exercise equipment with the guided support of UCI Professor Mark Bachman.

During the course of working on their project, Friedman and Linford started with an initial breadboard prototype and then progressed onward while incorporating enhanced features that included professionally designed circuits. Their successful efforts resulted in the marketing and release of the initial Verve 1.0 to the public after it received successful funding on Kickstarter back in November 2013.

The company inXus Interactive is an active supporter of the Internet of Things (IoT), the concept of which focuses on systems and devices virtually connecting and sharing information and data. As such, team members relied upon feedback from consumers that purchased Verve 1.0 to help guide them in deciding how to improve the product for the promotion and release of Verve 2. The enhanced product, which includes a sensor system and data acquisition system as well as capabilities of a web data server, surpassed the Kickstarter funding goal on September 29, 2014. InXus Interactive has projected availability of the Verve 2 for consumers to purchase with a targeted time frame in November 2014.

What’s Included in the Verve 2 Package?

When you open your newly purchased package you will find an amazing assortment of sensors as well as a mini-USB cable, connector cable, a light sensor and flash drive that includes software and the colorful product itself … which is a beautiful fluorescent shade of green. Each of the individual sensors are designed with unique purposes and capabilities.

Check out the force sensor that will detect when anything, be it human being or object, exerts force on the sensor. The push button sensor is great for those that enjoy interacting with computer apps. The temperature sensor is great for monitoring variations in multiple situations including body temperature as well as environmental changes. Other great sensors include the sound sensor, magnet sensor, motion sensor, turn sensor, light sensor, and touch sensor.

Those having more advanced knowledge of how electronics work will thoroughly enjoy the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) sensor, which provides users with more flexibility relative to ways in which to use the device. For the adventurous techies, the DIY sensor has 3.3V pins, 0.1″ spacing GND, and signal.

Online shopping options include starter packages and being able to purchase individual sensors and shield kits. Those excited about purchasing the Verve 2 should check out the company’s product page at for more info about placing an order for the device. Look for special savings and deals on select products and package kits.