Verizon FiOS Router Adds New Features

Verizon FiOS Router

Verizon customers can sign up for a bundle that includes the MI424WR router, a Gigabit Ethernet router that distributes both wired and wireless high speed signals throughout your home. The Verizon FiOS router is pre-configured for residential use, but you can customize it to block sites, work with older networked devices and filter content.

While you won’t see the speeds the router is theoretically capable of delivering, Verizon has made sure the router doesn’t become a bottleneck for limiting Internet access speeds. The Verizon brochure gives some of the details of the MI424WR router.

Verizon FiOS Router Setup

When you sign up for the Verizon FiOS service, Verizon installs the required equipment and sets up the router. If your house is already wired for FiOS, Verizon will let you know and you can use their self-installation kit. In either case, the router comes pre-configured with residential settings and you just have to follow the instructions.

In case you want to change the settings, you have to log into the router control panel by typing into the address bar of your browser and entering your user name and password in the window that comes up. If you don’t know the user name and password, you can reset the router to the default settings by pushing the reset button on the back of the router case.

The reset button is slightly recessed, and you have to use a pen or small tool to press it for about 10 seconds while the power to the router is on. The default user name is “admin” and the default password is “password.” Once you can access the control panel, you can customize your settings the way you want. The Verizon support page gives more details on the FiOS Internet setup.


Verizon FiOS Router

The Verizon FiOS router runs on a dual core 64-bit ARM processor whose speed allows it to run applications such as quality of service assignments for many parallel streams and data filtering for each connected machine separately. It includes a firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection, gigabit wired Internet and b/g/n wireless networking.


The High Speed Internet connection reaches the router via either an RJ45 connector or a coaxial connector. There are four LAN ports for wired Ethernet, two antennas for wireless networking and a USB port. The router supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, which will become effective once Verizon completes the transition of its FiOS network to IPv6 capability. At that time, current IPv4 addresses will remain valid and accessible while new IPv6 addresses will be added as they come on line.


The router has an interface for gigabit Ethernet which, in theory, delivers up to 1000 Mbps. Wireless speeds up to 300 Mbps are possible under the wireless 802.11n protocol. Verizon claims wireless network speeds of up to 130 Mbps for the router and delivers up to 15 Mbps through the Internet connection. The network speeds are also dependent on the network adapters of the connected devices which, in many cases, will reduce actual speeds substantially. While you are unlikely to reach the maximum speeds, the router will operate at the highest speeds achievable with current technology.


In addition to standard wireless network security, the Verizon FiOS router has a variety of customizable security features. Wireless security includes WEP, WPA and WPA2, with the router pre-configured to WPA2, the highest level. If the wireless network adapter on one of your connected devices is older and doesn’t support WPA2, you may have to change this setting to one of the less secure possibilities or upgrade your device.

For parental controls or other reasons for filtering content, the router has website and web service blocking, as well as URL keyword filtering. The filtering is customizable on a per-computer basis, allowing you to restrict access for some station while leaving others unfiltered. You can set the router to notify you if someone attempts to access a blocked site through a restricted computer.

In addition to the firewall packet inspection, the router has intrusion detection and IP protocol filtering. The packet inspection ensures that only data that is the result of a request can pass through to the internal network, and the intrusion protection keeps out unauthorized visitors.

FiOS Service

With its fiber optic FiOS network, Verizon needs a fast router to make sure customers don’t see slow speeds on their internal networks due to old router technology. The Verizon FiOS router, made by Actiontec, fits the bill. Even if Verizon increases the speed of its Internet service, the router will be able to keep up.

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