Verizon Backup Assistant: The New Little Black Book

Verizon Backup Assistant

Technology is great, until you lose it. For many of us, losing your phone is akin to losing your life. Without Verizon Backup Assistant, once that phone is gone you have lost all of your valuable contacts. You might still know your parents’ phone number, if they haven’t moved since you were young, but what about the number for your best friend who moved to Miami last month? Or the parents of your son’s friend? Or your doctor? Worse yet, what about all the business contacts you might have just lost?

Years ago, before cell phones came along, we had memorized the phone numbers of those closest to us, and those we didn’t memorize we wrote down. We had fancy little phone books that we carried with us. Little black books and books of hot numbers were a common sight. The numbers we manually dialed were memorized through repetition. Today, we don’t need to remember phone numbers because they are always with us, at the touch of a button. We scroll through the phone and push enter, when we find the person we want to talk to. We don’t even look to see what the number we are dialing is, we just expect that the phone is doing it.

One way to find those old numbers is to retrieve your old phone bills, but even then all you see are phone numbers and you don’t know which one belongs to your doctor and which one is your boss’ cell number. The old bill will help, but you will still never get them all.

Verizon has the answer with the Verizon Backup Assistant. It offers a secure and easy way to save your numbers on a secure website. If you lose your phone, you can retrieve all of your numbers with a few simple keystrokes. The Verizon Backup Assistant will restore your phone book as soon as the number is activated on a new phone.

Manage Your Numbers How You Like

Verizon Backup Assistant lets you schedule for regular backups or lets you manually do your back ups. With online access, you can log into your Verizon Backup Assistant and review your phone book database. There, you can edit numbers, view and print your information. Any changes you do online can then be sent to your device with a single click of a button.

The Verizon Backup Assistant is the best way to ensure that your contacts will never get lost again.

Quick Activation

Another great feature is how easy the program is to activate. With a few clicks, you can ensure that your device will save your contacts.

Android and Blackberry devices will already have it installed, if they are compatible. For your basic smartphone, simply download the program into your media center.

Simple to Use

The Backup Assistant is extremely easy to use. To do a manual backup all you need to do is open the Backup Assistant and select “Backup Now.”

You can even set the phone to automatically do a backup:

  1. Open the Backup Assistant and select “Options.”
  2. Select “Schedule” (or “Recurring Sync” on some devices)
  3. Then, select the time of day you want the phone to do a backup.

The phone will check itself daily, at the specified time. A backup will only be done if there has been a change in the address book, however.

Easy Retrieval

If your device is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can easily restore your contacts onto a new phone with the Backup Assistant. To retrieve your phone book, start by activating Backup Assistant on your new device.

Access the app and it will prompt you for your PIN, then click on “OK” or “Restore.” Once you’ve started the process, your new phone will sync with the Backup Assistant server. The backed up phone contacts will transfer from the server onto your device. If you have added any new contacts to the device, those will then be added to the copy on the server.

The Verizon Backup Assistant is only good for the number it was registered to; Numbers and data can not be transferred to another phone number.

With Verizon Backup Assistant keeping your valuable contacts safe so you don’t lose them is easy. You will no longer have that moment of panic when your phone is run over or left on the bus. All it takes is a few moments and your phone book is back safe and secure in your new phone.