Top 10 Valentine’s Day Movies Streaming on Hulu


With the holiday fast approaching, many have been searching for a Valentine’s Day movie to watch as a couple. Check out these picks for romantic movies streaming on Hulu and Hulu Plus.

Valentine’s Day Movies on Hulu

Romantic Comedies

These fun comedies are certain to coax genuine laughs from you and your partner as you cuddle up and enjoy the following three films.

Lost in Translation (2003)

Starring Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Anna Faris and Giovanni Ribisi, the film follows the story of Bob and Charlotte, who are strangers who meet in the bar of their hotel in Tokyo, and each is also in a strained relationship with another party. The pair form a bond during their stay in Japan, as they navigate their differences in age, as well as the differences between American and Japanese culture.

Valentine's Day Movies -- Camille
James Franco, Sienna Miller and Niagara Falls!?! What’s not to love about “Camille”?

Camille (2009)

This quirky film stars James Franco who plays a thief named Silas that marries Camille, the niece of his parole officer. Silas only marries Camille, played by Sienna Miller, so that he can use their honeymoon at Niagara Falls as an opportunity to escape to Canada. Along the way, the couple faces death, and encounters several odd characters and unique and funny situations while being chased by police.

Bridal Fever (2008)

This was originally a made for Cable TV movie for the Hallmark Channel. This romantic comedy follows the plight of three attractive and successful young women who are desperate to find and marry Mr. Right. Delta Burke stars as a successful romance novelist who has been married eight times herself. She gives the young women practical advice on how to catch their men.

Romantic Dramas

Shakespeare’s tale of Romeo and Juliet is famous for the difficulties that seem to plague young lovers. Can there ever be a happy ending for couples who fall desperately in love against the wishes of their families? If the whole world is against you and your beloved, then one of these films might be the perfect Valentine’s Day movie for you!

A Room with a View (1986)

This film is a British drama set in Edwardian England and Italy. This movie follows the love story of Lucy, played by Helena Bonham Carter, and George, played by Julian Sands. Lucy and George are in love, but Lucy’s restrictive and overbearing family doesn’t approve. The film has plenty of twists and turns as Lucy at first tries to deny her feelings for George in order to obtain the approval of society and her family, who wish her to marry Cecil, played by Daniel Day-Lewis. Will true love conquer all and win in the end?

For the Love of Grace (2008)

This is another film that was originally made for the Hallmark Channel on Cable TV. The movie follows the story of a firefighter named Steve, who is unable to move on after the death of his wife, Molly. Steve meets and falls for Grace, a novelist, when he rescues her from a house fire. Grace, however, is already involved with Cliff, who is a successful businessman. Is Steve destined to spend the rest of his life alone, or will romance save the day?

Valentine's Day Movies
“Máncora” came out in 2008, but does a love triangle ever work out well?

Foreign Romantic Drama

Máncora (2008)

This Spanish film stars Jason Day, Elsa Pataky and Enrique Murciano in a classic love triangle. Day plays the role of Santiago, a young man who is haunted by his father’s recent suicide. He travels with his stepsister, Ximena, and her husband, to the beach to escape the cold, dark winter of Lima as well as the darkness of his thoughts. As they comfort one another over death, the two fall in love, and must face the jealousy and wrath of Inigo, the husband.

Romantic Tragedies

Shadowlands (1993)

Starring Anthony Hopkins, this film is based on the true to life love of famed British Christian author C.S. Lewis and his relationship and subsequent marriage to American poet, Joy Davidson. From the start, Lewis and Davidson faced several obstacles to their relationship, including the objections that Lewis’ friends and family had towards Davidson, since she was a mother separated from her husband. Overcoming these objections, and after a lengthy divorce proceeding, the couple are finally united and love seems to have conquered all.

Summer in Genoa (2003)

This is another romantic tragedy that will bring both laughter and tears. Colin Firth plays a college professor that moves to Italy with his two daughters after his wife is killed in a car accident. His oldest daughter’s attempts to date behind his back provide lighter elements to this film as the professor and his younger daughter deal with their grief and try to find healing and hope.

Since February is a cold month for many, some prefer films with a bit of heat. So, we end our list of top picks for the perfect Valentine’s Day movie with these two films that are certain to sizzle — but be warned! These movies are explicit and not for younger viewers!

Steamy, Explicit Romantic Dramas

Orange Love (2007)

A young Russian couple are thrown together after agreeing to an old man’s odd request. If they stay in an apartment together for one full month, without leaving during that time, and live as lovers, he will pay them 200,000 euros.

Five Senses of Eros (2009)

This is a compilation of five shorter films that explore passion and love among five different couples, each from different walks of life, and different attractions and issues with their relationships.

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