Using Netflix USA to Find Netflix Recommendations

Use Netflix USA

Most of us have experienced the frustration of trying to find something great to watch on Netflix. There are several sites that attempt to solve this dilemma, each with its own method of showing users what is currently streaming on Netflix. Netflix USA and its affiliated sites and apps can help to improve the Netflix recommendations that users receive. Our article discusses the pros and cons of using the site and its apps, as it does work a bit differently than other sites that offer Netflix recommendations.

How Netflix USA is Different

When you first visit the site, you will notice that it’s primarily a blog that offers a complete listing of all the movies and TV shows that are streaming on Netflix. This blog also has a sister site, Netflix Canada vs USA, that has a complete list of what is streaming in both countries. Within the list, readers can instantly see if a title is currently available for streaming in the US, Canada or both countries. The lists also provide the rating for each title and IMBD links that can provide additional information. The year of release, and a brief outline of each title in the list is also available when users click on a specific title in the lists.

Both sites work in a similar way, with daily blog posts that provide a full listing of what is streaming on Netflix for the day. The listings are provided in alphabetical order. In addition to the United States and Canada, the blog has similar sister sites for UK, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, and UK vs US.

In addition to scrolling through the alphabetical lists found on each daily blog post, users can also find lists that are posted each day under the categories “Release Date,” “New Movie Arrivals,” and “New TV Arrivals.”

The most beneficial aspect of the blog is that it uses crowdsourcing to provide a list of titles that are expiring soon on Netflix in the United States and Canada. The list is updated daily, and it’s especially helpful since Netflix no longer directly supplies this information on its own site.

While listings for the United States are provided under the name, Netflix USA, the site also uses the name Netflixable on some of its sister sites, but it is essentially the same service offered by the same provider. The site also offers an app, known as NU for Netflix.

Using the Site’s NU for Netflix App

The Netflix USA’s app is available for both Apple and Android devices. The app contains the site’s own proprietary search algorithm, rather than building upon the Netflix API. This is an important consideration when using third party apps to search for something to stream on Netflix. Some sites that offer Netflix recommendations will no longer have access to Netflix content once Netflix shuts off public access to it’s API on November 14, 2014.

The basic app is free, and the pro version is just $3.99. The basic version offers the same titled lists and categories that are offered on it’s blog sites, based on the region where the user is located. In addition to scrolling through title lists, users can also search by the name of the movie/TV shows as well as actor name within their region. Additional searches may be made based on genre, with titles being grouped into one of 13 genre categories. The lists are updated hourly and a rating from Rotten Tomatoes is included with each title.

A downside to the free version of the app is that it displays lots of ads on the site, which can slow loading and browsing. Users can get rid of most of the ads by upgrading to the pro version. The pro version also allows users to view title lists in all the regions that it provides in it’s blog, and not just the region where the user is located. Searches can also be conducted across all regions, and the pro version of the app also makes it possible to receive random Netflix recommendations.

Both the blogs and the apps work best for users that prefer to simply scroll through title lists rather than having to input search terms or answer questions to find Netflix recommendations. Users that prefer sites and apps that allow more customization and control might want to consider other sites that offer recommendations, such as Netflix Roulette or You can learn more about several sites that offer recommendations in our article, 11 Best Netflix Sites to Find Recommendations

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