Using Bing Dashboard to Earn Rewards


Have you visited the Bing dashboard yet? In the battle of the search engines, Bing is Microsoft’s entry, set to compete against the likes of Yahoo! and Google. If you think that one search engine is pretty much like another, you are partially right – but every engine also has its unique features, and one feature you may not have known about Bing is its Rewards program. Visit the Bing Dashboard, and you’ll see a new way of earning prizes through simple things like searching. It’s a unique advantage to using Bing, and it may just be enough to make you consider switching search engines.

Reaping the Rewards of Your Searches

The whole goal of the Bing Rewards program is to let you earn credits through typical Internet activities. These credits add up and are stored in your Bing account (a requirement for this process). You can then review a number of different prices and goodies and claim those that you have enough credits for.

Time for some details: Search from your typical desktop computer, and you can earn one credit for every two Bing searches, up to 15 total credits in one day. If you use Bing on a mobile device, there’s a separate category for mobile searches, too. This allows you to rack up another credit for every two mobile searches, but only up to 10 credits each day this time. You can also earn 500 credits for every friend who joins Bing and makes it to “Silver” status, or shows that they are actually using Bing regularly. Here you can earn up to 50,000 points.

You can jump over to your Bing Dashboard whenever you want to check on your progress, see how many credits you currently have, and note what your browsing habits are like.

The Dashboard also gives you a couple additional tools to work with as you browse. You can set specific credit goals for browsing if you want to reach a specific level to nab your favorite prize. You can also review daily factoids, updates and trivia, which will net you a small amount of credits and give you a reason to stop by as often as possible.

Redeeming the Points: Bing Dashboard

All right, let’s talk about those prizes. From the Bing Dashboard you can go over to the redeem section and see what sort of rewards are currently offered. The prizes tend to fall into several different categories.

  • Sweepstakes: These are some of the most common rewards. They buy you a ticket to a sweepstakes that offers prizes, which range from t-shirts to electronics and gift cards worth hundreds of dollars. Typically these sweepstakes cost around 40 credits, making them the cheapest options. Of course, you also don’t have a guarantee to get anything, especially for the more popular options.
  • Gift Cards: Gifts cards ranges from online stores like Gilt and Amazon to restaurants like Applebee’s and Burger King and much more. They tend to all be about $5, but there’s no additional contest or sweepstakes, you just get the money…which is why the cost is also typically quite a bit higher. These cost around 500 credits.
  • Services: Bing also a certain amount of free service for specific tools or services in exchanges for credits. Unsurprisingly, many are Microsoft services, such as 50 credits for a 5 percent discount on the Microsoft Store, or 300 credits for three months of ad-free But you can also get Skype credits, Xbox Live memberships, limited Hulu Plus deals, and quite a bit more.
  • Donations: Anyway from 100 to 500 credits allow you to donate dollars to nonprofits like Kids in Need or Teach For America – you can also donate credits to your school for free Surface bundles for classrooms and other similar options.
  • Miscellaneous: There’s usually a few miscellaneous options as well, like prints, knickknacks from featured website, calendars, and so forth.

Prices do frequently shifted based on your Bing member status. Specifically, Gold Bing members tend to get discounts on how much they spend, knocking prices down at least a few credits for every item.