Use Windows Phones for XFINITY remotes

Windows Phone Comcast Remote

Comcast, the parent company of the XFINITY digital services brand, announced that subscribers are now able to use Microsoft Windows phones for XFINITY TV remote controls.

This is a landmark announcement because Comcast is the first cable company to develop an app for Windows phones, which now joins their iPhone and iPad apps that allow users to navigate through channels and watch video on their mobile devices. Windows phone users can also use DirecTV’s app to control their satellite TV boxes on their televisions.

Most TV service providers already offer applications for smartphones and tablets running both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platform.

For me, the most useful part of the XFINITY app on my iPhone is the fact I can use  it to set a show to record on my DVR And you can even choose between which DVR you mean – the one in your bedroom or the one in your living room.

“We believe our customers should have access to the tools to manage and personalize their Xfinity TV content from the device of their choosing,”, Comcast’s Senior Vice President of product development and design, Charlie Herrin, wrote on Thursday.

Those with Windows phones will also have the ability to create personalized channel lineups on their phones. Now THAT’s helpful and should prove to be worth using more than your regular remote sometimes.

Most of us have our cell phones within arm’s reach at all times, and now, that will benefit you when your remote control is lost – or at the very least, on the other side of the room, while you are pinned underneath a 200-year-old sequoia tree.

Photo Credit: Louis Abate