Use FaceTime for iPad — Easy & Fun!

Facetime for Ipad

When you really want to connect with someone in a way that makes the conversation more enjoyable, use FaceTime for iPad. Getting in touch with long-lost friends or relatives has never been easier.

Connect with Face-To-Face Video Calls

Apple’s FaceTime is an innovative and creative way to have video calls with friends and family members that may live far away. When you connect with others using FaceTime, you will feel like you’re sitting together in the same room during the conversation!

When you can see the face of the person you are talking to, the experience is more enjoyable. FaceTime can also be used for video conference calls to have a meeting with a business associate while you are traveling or on the road.

FaceTime for iPad will let you connect with others that have Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPod, Mac or another iPad. All you need is a reliable cellular network to get you connected!

How to Use FaceTime for iPad

If you are using FaceTime for the first time, learning will be fast and easy. The first step is to navigate to the settings on your iPad and choose the FaceTime link. Make sure that you have access to a Wi-Fi connection that will hook you up and get you connected to the Internet.

Starting a FaceTime video call is as simple as sending an invitation using the email address of your recipient that is stored within your Apple device’s contact list. Once the caller receives your invitation, a message will be displayed on the screen. Shortly after accepting the invitation, the video call will start.

FaceTime for iPad

One of the great features of using FaceTime is that the iPad has two cameras that have been built right into the device. There is a front camera that is designed to work with FaceTime video calls. You will use this feature while you are having a video call and conversation.

The iPad also has back camera that will let you capture special moments and share the image during the FaceTime video call. If you have the Super Bowl on TV during the video call and your favorite team makes a touchdown, you can catch that fantastic moment in time with the back camera and then share it with the caller on the other end!

Set Up Your New Apple Account to Use FaceTime

If this is your first time using FaceTime for iPad and you are not familiar with the Apple line of products, you will need to create your own unique Apple ID. This is your official user name that you will need to have handy in the future for things such as downloading Apple apps or music from iTunes.

The Apple website has a special link just for customers that need assistance in finding or creating their Apple ID. If you already have an Apple ID and have forgotten or misplaced it, don’t panic. When you visit their support link you will need to provide some basic information so that you can reset it.

If you need to create a new Apple ID, you will want to have your Apple email address handy and then select a password. The process is simple and fast. Make sure you write down your Apple ID and password and keep it stored in a safe place. For your own protection, it is not a good idea to store passwords on your iPad or any other device.

Support Features for New FaceTime and iPad Users

Apple not only offers a great line of products but they also offer fantastic support assistance to their customers. There is a special support link for those using FaceTime that need assistance or guidance to help resolve any technical problems.

If you experience any issues during activation, the troubleshooting guide will provide step-by-step instructions. There is also a separate support section just for iPad users that includes links to download manuals. Customers may also contact Apple support online through email, chat or directly by phone.

Another great option that customers will appreciate is the community forum on Apple’s support site. This support community is a place where customers that have purchased Apple products can post questions and get answers from other users that have suggestions and helpful tips to offer.

Signing up for Apple’s community forum is as simple as creating an account online. Guidelines are provided to get you started and the forum is not only a way to get answers to questions to things like Facetime for iPad, but also a great place to converse and connect with fellow Apple iPad and FaceTime users.

Photo Credit: Scott Fillmer