Understanding DirecTV On Demand


In June 2008, DirecTV began providing DirecTV On Demand service to customers nationwide, and today more than 7,000 titles are up for grabs 24 hours a day, seven days a week — essentially whenever you want to see them.

The DirecTV On Demand service is available for free to customers with a DirecTV HD DVR connected to the DirecTV Cinema Connetion Kit. Customers can download the programs of their choice from the DirecTV On Demand library to their DVRs, so they can enjoy them at their own convenience. A variety of titles — including movies, TV series and kids’ shows — are available in both standard definition and high definition. Titles accessed through the on-demand service typically run anywhere from $2 to $5.

A viewer searching for on-demand titles can check out the specific on-demand channels provided by programmers that highlight the latest shows and movies available on the different networks. These customized pages correspond to the programmer’s regular channel number if a “1” is added in front of it. For example, if The Discovery Channel is on 276, The Discovery Channel on Demand is 1276. Channel 1000 is the main home page for DirecTV On Demand.

DirecTV On Demand

DirecTV On Demand customers have access to DVR Scheduler, which allows them to remotely schedule on-demand programming to their DVR from an Internet-connected computer or mobile phone.

The DirecTV On Demand service allows customers to download content via a broadband connection, while other content — mostly blockbuster movies — is pushed to the customer’s DVR by way of satellite. Most of the content can be viewed in real time as it is being downloaded, depending on the speed of a customer’s broadband connection.

DirecTV On Demand remote controlCustomers interested in DirecTV On Demand service can opt for a professional installation or request a self-installation kit. Customers need broadband high-speed Internet access, a router or Internet gateway with an available ethernet port, plus equipment to network the HD DVR or R22 DVR. If you need more information about DirecTV On Demand, read on here.

In addition to on-demand service, DirecTV also has pay-per-view service in which certain movies are available at regular intervals throughout the day and night. For example, a hit movie will be offered on the pay-per-view service at 9 p.m. and again at 10 p.m. Each night the company provides about 50 to 60 pay-per-view options, primarily movies.

Pay-per-view movies are usually available after the titles are released on home video, but when customers search through movies, they may find some that are available on the same day as the home video release; those movies are indicated with a logo that says, “Same Day as DVD.”


  1. How is on demand different from Hulu one netflix? I thought I was going to have access to free up to date movies at no charge but that has not proved to be the case. any movie I want to watch You charge for tell me again why I subscribed. Note while it is not a lot of money I am being charged about $3 a month and can find no value in the on demand arrangement. I do not watch tv. On a phone or tablet even though I use both extensively for other reasons but I would like to watch movies on my tv

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