Understanding How to Save with Comcast Bundles

Comcast Bundles

As one of the biggest home media service providers in the United States, it’s no surprise that Comcast has a lot on offer: Internet, Cable Television, Home Phone — and even Home Security. If you’re in the market for a couple of these services, then Comcast Bundles would be your best value for the money, rather than subscribing to each service separately.

What’s in a Bundle?

“Bundling” basically means grouping services together, and when a service provider offers “bundles,” it does so at a discounted rate, compared to what a customer would pay for the individual services.

Usually a service provider offers a number of bundles or deals, ranging from basic packages to premium level packages and everything in between. Comcast Bundles are grouped according to the types of service grouping you desire. Comcast Xfinity Triple Play bundles offer different levels of service on Cable Television, High Speed Internet and Phone Services.

Comcast Xfinity Double Play bundles are for High Speed Internet and Cable Television only. Between the two, there are different bundles for new and existing customers, ranging from very basic to all the bells and whistles.

What’s Xfinity?

Don’t be confused by the fancy titles. Comcast put ‘Xfinity’ in front of its three main service offerings (Internet, Telephone and Cable Television) as a rebranding effort in 2010, so Cable TV refers to XFinity TV, Telephone services are Xfinity Voice and High Speed Internet is Xfinity Internet.

There’s also Xfinity On Demand, content on demand TV and Xfinity TV Online, which offers on demand television and video content online and on mobile devices

Comcast Xfinity Triple Play

Xfinity Triple Play bundles are the most expensive Comcast bundles, but also offer the most value for money in terms of services and added extras. Triple Play bundles start from the Economy package, which offers 45 digital channels, Xfinity on Demand, 3 Mbps Internet and unlimited local calls for just under $80 per month. HD Preferred Plus is the Triple Play’s most inclusive bundle, with Xfinity On Demand, over 170 Digital Television channels, 50 Mbps High Speed Internet and nationwide unlimited talk and text. It also comes with a bonus $250 prepaid credit card and bonus HD Television services. The HD Preferred Plus will set you back just under $140 per month.

Comcast Xfinity Double Play

Comcast Xfinity Double Play bundles start from the Digital Economy package, offering 45 Cable Television channels and 3 Mbps download speed Internet for just under $60. This bundle does not include XFinity on Demand, so is a ‘no-frills’ kind of package. On the other end of the spectrum, the most costly Douple Play bundles is the Digital Premiere with Performance Internet, offering over 200 Digital Television channels, XFinity on Demand and 25 Mbps Internet — this for just under $140, with a sports entertainment package thrown in.

Comcast Business Bundles

Comcast Bundles also extend to their business clients, with four levels of bundle packages available. Business bundles, range from just under $100 for 1 phone line, basic Cable Television and 3 Mbps Internet with a purported $720 yearly saving, to a 2 phone line, Cable Television and High Speed, 50 Mbps Internet for just under $165, with savings reported at $1000. Business bundles are also available without Television services included.

Comcast Bundles Fine Print

As is wise when signing onto any service, it’s worth looking over the small print. There are always some caveats to a great deal, and Comcast Bundles are not excluded. All of the XFinity Triple Play bundles are set at the advertised price for the first 12 months only, after which they revert to a more expensive monthly cost, but still cheaper than the individual services. All of them also require you to sign onto paperless billing (called EcoBill) to qualify for the bundle price, and nearly all of them require a two year contractual agreement for the service. Double Play bundles are all at a discounted rate for the first 12 months, thereafter reverting to a more expensive monthly cost, but all Comcast Bundles come with a 30 day money-back guarantee if you change your mind.

Of course, if bundling is not what you are interested in, then the individual services are all available separately, and Comcast regularly has deals on bundles and individual services in your area, also. The availability of both bundles packages and individual Comcast services does vary from region to region, and bundles and deals can change without notice, so for the for full price and deal details in your area, just enter your street address at the top right corner of this page.