Typing Lessons Online: Free and Fun!

Typing Lessons Online

Taking typing lessons online can be a great way to help you learn how to type (we call it keyboarding) faster and remove the frustration of the hunt and peck style of typing.

Imagine being able to read a post on Facebook or an email and being able to type out a long reply in less than half the time. Imagine being able to type out that reply without having to constantly correct errors and misspellings you’ve made. Faster, error-free typing is so much better than taking five or 10 minutes to type out that 100-word reply or message.

There are typing programs that you can download and install on your computer and those that are online. Some of these are in the form of lessons with obvious desired results while others are in the form of games. Which you decide to use will depend on whether you prefer to learn in a fun game-like environment, or whether you prefer to learn in a structured environment that resembles an actual lesson. Let’s take a look at some of each.

FreeTypingGame.Net Typing Lessons Online in Both Formats

FreeTypingGame.net is one of the better sites I’ve found for typing lessons online in that they have actual lessons that help you learn the QWERTY keyboard layout (QWERTY refers to the top row of letters on your keyboard) and games to help you master that layout.

The lessons are structured so that you learn the location of two keys at a time and don’t progress until you’ve mastered them. You can take timed tests that last between one and five minutes and, when you qualify, there’s even a nice certificate that you can earn to prove your proficiency.

TypingWeb Offers Many Learning Options

Some of the sites that you can use to take typing lessons online only offer a few choices of learning methods and no way to accurately track your progress. TypingWeb isn’t one of these. This site has a polished and professional look and feel. There are a dozen or more lessons, activities, and games that the site uses to teach and evaluate your typing skills.

TypingWeb also has a graphing function to track your progress through the lessons, allowing you to see at a glance how you’re progressing and what areas you need to focus on. The site walks you through every step of learning the QWERTY keyboard and teaches you how to type by touch, without having to constantly peer down at the keyboard. Once you finish the curriculum, there is an official certificate that you can earn, as well. Additionally, the site has resources for teachers and learners, making it a truly useful resource.

Power Typing For All Keyboardists

Not many people are aware of this little tidbit of information, but the keyboard sitting in front of you isn’t the only type of keyboard available. As I mentioned above, the keyboard you’re looking at right now is probably a QWERTY keyboard, so named because the first six letters on the top row of letters are Q, W, E, R, T, and Y. But there’s another keyboard with a completely different layout that is called the Dvorak keyboard. Some people find this keyboard easier to use than the QWERTY keyboard.

Power Typing has typing lessons that will teach you how to use both types of keyboard, whichever your preference is. There are lessons that will teach you the positions of every key, as well as activities and tests that will help you master the keyboard layout and get to your chosen typing speed (specified in words per minute WPM) goals.

Stay Healthy With Peter’s Online Typing Course

Peter’s Online Typing Course is the best of the very few sites offering online typing lessons that I found that also offers tips and hints to help keep you from injuring yourself while typing. This is a twist that most of the sites I checked out didn’t offer, which is quite surprising. Many people every year (such as myself) are diagnosed with a condition known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome — a repetitive stress injury that occurs when you use improper hand and body placement, known as ergonomics.

Peter’s course breaks learning how to keyboard properly down into easily manageable lessons. You will first learn the Home row for each hand and progress from there. The lessons are very well structured and you advance at your own pace, not moving on until you feel comfortable. Even better, there’s an option to create your own lessons, giving you more input than normal into the learning the process.

I could go on for days about the various sites that offer typing lessons online, both for free and paid. Those that I have listed above caught my eye for one reason or another. Check them out. Quit hunting and pecking and start enjoying your keyboarding experience!

Photo credit: Adikos