TVGuide Listings: A One-Stop Shop for TV Viewers

TVGuide Listings

After years of publication, listings still boast more than 24 million unique viewers each month. With so many faithful TV viewers, TV Guide (the magazine), and have become a leading influence among TV watchers. Most people look for the little TV Guide magazine on the shelves of grocery stories and newsstands, however, the publication has recently expanded into a huge online presence as well. When it comes to TV viewing, TVGuide listings offers all the information you need to watch your favorite shows whenever you want. It’s no wonder why is ranked No. 1 in Nielsen’s “TV and Entertainment” category for attracting the “most engaged” users.

With millions of new users each month, has quickly become the best online source for news, community information, and TV listings across the country. attracts a young and affluent fan base, where almost all of its readers are under 35 years old — and 25 percent of them earn a household income of more than $100K a year.

TVGuide listings on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod

If you like to use your hand-held device to look at the most recent lineup for sports and entertainment, TV Guide Mobile also offers applications for hand-held devices as well.

TV Guide unveiled a new app for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, allowing you to take full advantage of the magazine’s popular Watchlist feature. You use the app to add your favorite TV shows, sports teams, movies and actors, giving you quick access to all the latest and greatest viewing information at your fingertips.

You can download the app for free from the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Over 500,000 users have already created Watchlists, and those lists will work seamlessly on the new mobile applications.

To top it all off, you can watch favorite TV shows from the following networks: ABC, ABC Family, Crackle, CW, Hulu Plus, HBO GO and iTunes.

To date, TV Guide Mobile’s first-generation apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android have been installed for over seven million users.

On Demand, Music Stations, and Online Video

TV Guide’s On Demand also offers a great variety of news, entertainment stars, favorite shows, and the latest Hollywood buzz.’s online video guide lets you watch full-length TV episodes from all the major broadcast and cable television networks inside and outside the country.

If you like to listen to music from your television, you can also find the best music channels right from your TV.

TV Guide offers listings for the entire week, and viewers say that it’s a one-stop TV companion designed to allow fans to find, share and watch their favorites instantly — anytime, anywhere.

What’s Trending?

As an avid TV viewer it’s always important to know what’s trending in the ever-changing world of entertainment and TV. To keep you updated in the world of entertainment, TV Guide features some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, including Sigourney Weaver and Tina Fey. These celebrities (and others) host a channel of broadcasts and online favorites, sharing their secrets about why they love certain celebrity watchlist videos. New curators are announced weekly.

TV Guide Watchlists Make Viewing Easier

Over a half-million people across the country have already created watchlists on, and in the years to come, users can add their favorite shows, sports teams, and more. includes viewing options for TV, On Demand, streaming, and DVD. Additional new TV Guide features include social check-in and discussion, editor-and-guest-curated channels and celebrity watchlist videos.

TV Guide’s “I’ll Watch” button gives you the ability to search across different types of media sources, including video channels, latest breaking news, photo galleries, special sections, and the best TVGuide listings grid in the business.

The company also offers social networking features on Twitter/Facebook, as well as a trending social hot list based on what other users search for.

With its long history of new features, entertainment guides, and applications for mobile devices, it’s really no wonder why TV Guide is touted as a one-stop shopping place for everything you need in the world of television and entertainment.