Troubleshooting your Vonage Phone Service

Troubleshooting Vonage Phone Service 2

Vonage is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network that provides telephone service using a broadband Internet connection. With Vonage you can make calls to anywhere in the world for a minimal monthly cost, there is no need for a separate phone line as everything runs through your Internet connection.

However, like every other technological device there are going to be problems. The odds are pretty good that you will encounter these problems during the middle of the day, at the same time as everyone else, and if you call the help desk you will end up on hold while they deal with the calls in the order that they came in. Before you make that call and end up sitting on hold, why not try a few basic troubleshooting techniques to see if you can solve the problem yourself. The odds are pretty good that the technician will run you through some of these steps anyhow.

Check Your Cables

First thing you need to do is check that all the cables are connected firmly at both ends. Yes, it may seem like a stupid thing to do, but accidents happen, especially if you have pets or kids. A loose cable can cause line static, distorted sound or even dropped calls. If a cable is completely disconnected, then nothing will work.

There is also the possibility of a bad cable causing interference. While you are checking the connections, look at the cables for any obvious damage. Maybe the dog has been chewing on it, or the child crimped it in the tire of his toy truck. Frequently, cable damage is difficult to see, so unless you have a replacement cable easily available, do all other troubleshooting methods before pursuing this avenue.

Reset Everything

If all the cables are connected and you are still having problems, then turn off your computer, router and modem, and then unplug your Vonage box. Now that everything is off, you can start turning them back on beginning with your modem, then your router, and computer. Lastly, plug the VoIP box back in. Wait about five minutes for everything to reset and reload, then check your system.

Check Your Phone Type

If you are having static issues or dropped calls, then it could be the phone you are using. If you are using a wireless phone, then look to see how close the base is to the VoIP box? Vonage recommends a minimum of four feet between the phone base and your adapter box. Even if your base is far away, if you walk by the Vonage box while on a call, you could get interference and possibly drop the call. This is more likely to happen if you have a 2.4GHZ phone, so you may want to invest in a slightly higher end 5.8GHZ phone instead.

Network Interference

Sometimes a neighbor’s network can interfere with your own. This is more predominant in apartment buildings where everyone is living on top of each other. You can try changing the channel on your wireless router. Most U.S. routers default to channels 1, 6 or 11. Directions to changing the router channel can be found in your user manual or online. Changing the wireless channel should help if your neighbor’s network is interfering.

Check Your Internet Speed

If you are having connection issues, then it is advised that you check your Internet speed. There are many ways you can check your Internet speed, including using Digital Landing’s very own Internet Speed Test. Compare your final results to what your Internet provider claims you should be receiving, and if the numbers are low, then contact your Internet provider for a solution.

Do You Get a Dial Tone?

If the dial tone comes through clear and you only have problems with certain phone calls, then odds are pretty good that the problem is in the phone network or with the lines themselves and there isn’t much you can do except complain to whichever company owns the lines. Line issues are extremely common with overseas calls to lesser populated areas.

Time to Call the Help Desk?

If none of the above seem to be the solution, then go ahead and call Vonage customer support or look at their online troubleshooting for advice. Be sure to have your account information available, including name and phone number, as well as the results of your Internet speed test. Speed test results may help the technician troubleshoot further. Once you are connected, the technician will ask you a series of questions and have you reset the system again. The reset allows them to run tests on the line and the Vonage box, so they can troubleshoot and hopefully solve your problems.