Transferring an Existing Satellite TV Service after a Move


You’ve decided to relocate to a new city, but love your Satellite TV service and hope to move it to your new residence. Given all the hassles that are normally part of a move, transferring an existing Satellite TV service shouldn’t be one of them. Both major Satellite providers — DirecTV and Dish Network — want to keep your business and generally make it easy to move your account to your new city.

First off, if you need any additional advice and tips on relocation, check out our Moving Guide. Reading this free ebook should definitely help you handle some of the drudgery and stress that comes with a move. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the account transfer process with the two Satellite TV giants.

DirecTV Still Holds the Movers Advantage for Relocating Pro Football Fans

Consider the following scenario. In the middle of the NFL season, your place of work decides to relocate you to a new city in a different state. How are you going to follow your team during their playoff push?

Transferring your DirecTV account to your new home gives you the option to get NFL Sunday Ticket, which is the best way to see every game from your favorite football team even if they aren’t on national TV. This is obviously one great reason to transfer a current DirecTV account to your new residence.

Wanting to keep your business in the new location, DirecTV offers a variety of benefits aimed at relocating customers. The DirecTV Movers Deal includes a free upgrade to their Genie DVR unit that covers three rooms, a free 3-month subscription to one premium channel, and special bundle deals with DirecTV partners that offer Home Phone and High Speed Internet service. All told, DirecTV offers customers a good reason to stay with the service after a move, even if you aren’t a fan of the NFL.

Transferring your Dish Network Service After Moving

Dish Network subscribers also benefit from specific deals aimed at retaining your business post-relocation. While the company doesn’t offer NFL Sunday Ticket — an exclusive for DirecTV — they still provide an excellent Satellite TV package for the price. If you aren’t a big NFL fan, Dish Network’s Move-In Deal is something worth exploring when deciding whether or not to keep the service at your new address.

In addition to offering free installation at your new location, Dish Network also provides some cool perks for relocating customers, including free access to the Cinemax, Showtime, and STARZ premium channels for three months. Special deals on Dish Network’s sports packages are also available, plus you can upgrade to the company’s HD DVR — the Hopper.

You’ll Still Need the “Clear View of the Southern Sky”

No matter your Satellite TV vendor, your new residence will need a clear view of the southern sky to be able to get a satellite signal. You can use your own common sense to see if the signal is blocked, but both Satellite TV vendors perform a site survey before they go ahead with the installation. Ultimately, Cable TV might be a back up option if you can’t get a signal at your new place.

At that point, if you need to find a Cable TV vendor in your new location, check out our convenient TV Deals page. Remember that bundling your Cable TV with High Speed Internet and Home Phone service offers the best cost savings. While Satellite TV vendors do offer bundles by partnering with other providers, you’ll ultimately end up dealing with multiple vendors for support as neither offer their own Internet and Home Phone service.

If you decide to transfer your existing Satellite TV service when you relocate, it is comforting to know that both major Satellite providers want to keep your business, and you stand to benefit from the extra perks. Make sure to pay attention to any new two-year contracts that might be part of any special moving package. Ultimately, know that relocating your Satellite TV account is one of the more stress-free aspects of moving time!

Photo Credit: Zachary Rupert